Spiritual teachers guide us and enlighten us to the approaching change of consciousness.

In this website, I would like to disclose various information which concerns your health.
You will find interesting information on Holistic Medicine and suggestions that can be of help for you to use as prevention.

But first of all, what is Holistic Medicine?
The term Holistic is derived from a greek word ‘’holos’’ or ‘’entire’’. Therefore the Holistic philosophy considers the body as a whole and not in its single parts, correlated with spirit and mind.

The substantial difference between Traditional Medicine and Holistic Medicine, is that Holistic Medicine does not sustain that disease is caused only by germs, bacteria and viruses, but helped by other elements, such as stress (physical and psychological), bad eating habits, emotional fears, tension, worries, drugs, not enough exercise, which are often causes of diseases that can be prevented by trying to maintain an equilibrium between the individual and the environment.
For this reason in a typical Holistic Therapy, you can’t separate the emotional and spiritual aspects from the physical body.

Therefore, you will find articles that will help you in the prevention and in recognising specific symptoms as well as other articles that will simply give you knowledge on very different curious topics.


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