Holistic Medicine:
Homotoxicologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Kinesiologist

patrizia gentilePatrizia has worked in the natural therapies field for over 20 years. During this time she has assisted her husband Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia) as administrator and Holistic Practitioner in his Medicare and Complementary Medical Centre in Rome, Italy.  Between 1990 and 2009 she obtained her qualifications, accredited internationally, in Human Energy Studies in 1996, Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Transformational Rebirthing in 2000,  Applied Kinesiology and DNA Reprogramming in 2004, Classical Homoeopathy and Modern Homotoxicology in 2005.  By 2009 Patrizia also completed postgraduate Homotoxicology studies in Homoeosynergetic Kinesiology, Mechanisms of Homoeopathic Immunotherapy, Reflexology of Body and Spirit and the alchemical approach to Human Evolution and Equilibrium. She is also a Reiki Master.
Having lived and worked overseas for many years, she has of recent years moved back to work in Australia together with her husband, whilst still attending seminars overseas.
Patrizia’s zeal for holistic natural therapies is lived and breathed in her daily life. Her knowledge, experience, thoroughness and practical approach is complemented by her astute female intuition, insight and a wholehearted caring for each individual’s health and wellbeing.
Through a judicious knowledge and use of complementary health care models, a great variety of health and wellbeing issues are assessed and treated including, diet and lifestyle problems, IBS, stress, chronic fatigue problems, and of particular interest - the ever increasing immunological assaults, by biological, emotional/spiritual and environmental stressors, affecting the balance in the health of individuals in today’s society and causing stresses physically and mentally/emotionally.
All consultation fees are claimable from most private health funds.
“Knowledge is the key to power in learning to take directional charge over one’s personally experienced road to achieving the wisdom of wholeness in health and wellbeing and living life to the full.”

Please note: A 24 hour cancellation fee applies