are balancing, opposites, harmonising, matching, corresponding, paired

claudio & patriziaWhen the well established Italian Doctor Claudio met Australian Naturopath Patrizia in Rome in 1990, it was a marriage made on earth, by a generous health heaven. Since that time when they joined their individual talents and zeal for holistic health they continue to interact as a unit, bringing a refreshingly unique male/ female - yin/yang,  completely holistic approach to their clients health needs internationally and in Australia. They continue tirelessly researching and keeping abreast of the most up-to-date discoveries in relating to health and wellbeing whilst maintaining a balanced awareness in the implementation of health and healing modalities drawn from the past, the present and the future.
At each consultation the patient is encountered by this unique unified approach of two professionals with years of combined knowledge and experience encompassing an eclectic variety of Complementary Medicine Modalities including, Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Classical and Modern Homoeopathy, Homotoxicology, Herbalism and Nutrition and Psychosomatic (mind/body/spirit) therapies.  Each consultation -  in complement with the client, and with each other  -  ensures thoroughness in assessment together with caring evidence and outcome based advice, which aims to meet the individual client’s needs – in the now -in a truly holistic manner –at each individual’s own position within their circle of healing and wellness physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.
During the first consultation, which lasts up to 3 hours, they assess their client’s terrain through PNEI: PSYCHO-NEURO-ENDOCRINO-IMMUNOLOGY
The evaluation of the terrain is conducted using Kinesiology Muscle Testing to:

  1. Evaluate all organs.
  2. Test for Mercury and other heavy metal toxicity,  prescribing  protocol for removal of amalgams with Homotoxicology Remedies for the elimination process.
  3. Test for Candida.
  4. Tests for Microorganisms – Parasites, Bacteria, Amoeba, Protozoa, etc.
  5. Tests for Environmental Toxins.
  6. Test for most common Food Intolerances.
  7. Test for Post Viral (e.g. EBV, etc.) and Post Vaccine information.
  8. Counselling and Emotional Status – testing for Bach Flowers and Bush Flowers.

Most remedies are based on Homotoxicology principles, that studies the influence of toxic substances in the human body, where symptoms and disease are seen as a result of the biological resistance to toxic substances.


The goal of treatment in Homotoxicology is to detoxify the body and restore the body’s natural biorhythms.  Each human being possesses an innate self-healing mechanism than can rebalance the body’s natural state of health and prevent and treat illness as it facilitates the removal of harmful, inflammation producing toxins and stimulates the body’s capacity to heal itself. 
For those with health challenges, Homotoxicology maintains that health cannot be achieved without ridding the body of toxins.
Today’s environment contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic to the human body.  Exogenous toxins that are introduced or produced from outside the human body include: air pollution, synthetic chemicals in food, water and those out-gassed into the air by certain synthetic products, fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, an overload of heavy metals and allopathic (pharmaceutical) drug residue.
Chemicals and other toxins are absorbed into the body through organs such as the skin, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. The liver, kidneys, skin, mucous membranes and lymphatic system then attempt to process and expel these substances.
Endogenous toxins are produced inside the body and come from lactic acid, adrenaline, histamine, antigen-antibody complexes, nutrient deficiencies, psychological stressors, and emotional traumas.  Toxins constantly challenge cells, tissues, organs, hormones, the immune system and other protective bodily mechanisms.

Homotoxicology views the cause of disease in the body as an accumulation of toxins.  Disease results from a series of reactions initiated by the self-healing mechanism in the body to either eliminate the toxin or control its biological effects.  Therefore, disease is either the physical body’s way of waging a defence in order to purge toxins, or an attempt of the organism to compensate if elimination is not possible.