“How to Look Younger Now
Without Wrinkle Creams or Surgery”

Most skin products are little more than hope in an expensive bottle.
But this hot new approach stimulates collagen production
to help give you a more youthful appearance.

Recommended by the Vitamin D Council
Scientists at the Vitamin D Council agree that both children and adults should have a Vitamin D level of 50 ng/ml all year-round. They recommend the use of any Mercola Tanning Systems as a safe and effective way to help you achieve natural levels of Vitamin D. The Vitamin D Council is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to educate the public about Vitamin D deficiency and how to prevent it.

Yes, you read that correctly -- finally, there is a vitamin D producing system that I can recommend...

In case you didn't know, taking a vitamin D supplement is not the optimal way to regulate your body’s vitamin D levels.

On the other hand, many experts (including me) believe that there are no health concerns with regard to vitamin D concentration associated with sun exposure.

That's why I feel that the best way to make sure you don't end up with too much or too little vitamin D is to produce it in your own body, by getting some exposure to beneficial ultraviolet A and B rays, like those produced by the sun.

And, as an added benefit, you'll also help give your skin a more healthful glow.

Tanning beds produce ultraviolet A and B rays as well...

And yes, I've been asked many times if there is such a thing as a tanning bed that won't put you at risk.

My answer was always: A tanning bed can be useful, but in my opinion most commercial tanning beds can be a cause for concern.

You see, there are potential problems associated with them that may have a negative impact on your health:

X-Rays -- These rays, emitted by the ends of the bulbs, are a form of radiation, and can be potentially hazardous.
So although they produce the same beneficial ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays as the sun and add a pleasant tone to your skin, I've always believed that the best source of those beneficial rays is the sun itself, in moderation.

You see, the UVB rays from the sun help your skin to produce up to 80% of the vitamin D in your body. Your body simply can't make vitamin D without exposure to UVB energy.

Your Skin is Designed to Tan as a Natural Body Function!

And the UVA rays produce a tan that not only makes your skin more pleasing in appearance, but is also your body's natural defense against sunburn.

That's right. Your skin is designed to tan as a natural bodily function!

But for many of you, getting ample sunlight just isn't an option. You have busy lives that don't allow for getting outdoors a lot, much less sunbathing.

And depending upon where you live, it could be cold out, raining out, or cloudy for weeks on end... you get the idea.

I knew that if they could find a way to shield those harmful emissions and make a convenient and affordable tanning system, there'd be a huge demand for it.

Guess what?

They finally did it. And that's great news for you because now you can get this beneficial energy in the most convenient place of all -- your own home!

Put a little sunlight into your life, anytime you want to, because...

You'll Never Lack for the Sun's Rays Again

I previously introduced you to two revolutionary new Systems for tanning or getting the UV light you need. These systems provide the same beneficial UVA and UVB rays that you'd get from the sun, but with the potentially harmful emissions eliminated.

And now, I added a third system that combines all the benefits of these two systems into one.

Here are the details on all the systems:

The D-Lite System Provides You with UVB Rays While Supporting Your Optimal Wellness

The SunSplash is an 8-lamp system that produces both UVA and UVB rays (and tanning) -- the same beneficial energy that the sun produces.
I use this high-quality, well-designed tanning system in my own home because SunSplash 8 provides such high quality tanning rays. Ordinary tanning lamps use unfocused UV rays that bounce around randomly. By the time they reach you, the UV rays may have lost up to 50% of their tanning power.

But SunSplash 8 is different. Its mirror technology uses ESB Sunergy™ RFL lamps, which are specially designed with 180° reflective coating along their entire inside surface. The coating concentrates UV rays on a straight path towards the surface of your skin to give you concentrated UV rays -- for what I believe to be the highest quality indoor tan possible.

The revolutionary new D Lite System, the first of its kind in the country, is a 12-lamp system that produces ONLY UVB rays. It is designed for those of you who want the benefits of the sun without tanning. Because many of you have told me you're interested in vitamin D-producing rays but not tanning, I'm very excited to offer you this great system as a Mercola.com exclusive.

In addition, the phosphor formula used to make the lamps in the D Lite unit produces UVB light and red visible light in the 633 nanometer (nm) range. That's great news, and you'll see why in just a bit..
And now, the all-new, innovative SunSplash Renew combines the extraordinary benefits of the SunSplash Tanning and D-Lite Systems into one.

This 10-lamp system provides you with both UVA and UVB rays. Plus, you get all the advantages of red visible light pioneered in the D-Lite System.

This energy-efficient system helps provide you with a high-quality tan plus vitamin D producing rays.
The latest innovation, SunSplash Refresh, combines all of the light technologies into a single unit.

The SunSplash Refresh is a 10-lamp system provides you with UVA, UVB rays, red light to give you a more youthful appearance, and new blue light to help your skin health (more information on revolutionary blue light in just a minute).

With the SunSplash Refresh, you not only get the vitamin D producing rays, but also the ability to help your facial skin gain a more healthful appearance and get a great-looking tan at the same time.

The SunSplash Renew System combines the benefits of both the SunSplash and D-Lite Systems by providing you both UVA and UVB rays as well as red visible light.

All of these upright tanning systems are easily portable and plug into any standard 120v outlet in your home.

Their simple design allows them to fit on most any door or wall in your house, condo, apartment, dorm... wherever they'll work best for you!

In the privacy, comfort and cleanliness of your own home, you simply stand in front of your personal unit and enjoy a full body exposure. Ten minutes maximum is all you need for what I feel is the fastest session in the tanning industry!

And your unit will never be in your way. You'll never have to worry about having too much of your valuable floor space taken up, or bumping into it all the time.

Talk about convenience. Whether it's day or night, rain or shine, or even snow, beneficial ultraviolet rays can be yours!

Think about what this means to you, your family or any one you care about (unless they can't tolerate any UV rays for some reason)...

Enjoy the benefits of the sun's UVA and UVB energy
Relax in the comfort and sanctity of your own home
Feel peace-of-mind knowing privacy and sanitary concerns are no longer issues for you

Throw dinner in the oven, toss in a load of laundry, put the little one down for a nap, then go into the other room and treat yourself to the same beneficial rays as the sun!

Save Time and Money While Supporting Your Optimal Wellness

The luxury of owning your own SunSplash or D Lite System gives you more than just the benefit of the sun's rays and high level of convenience.

Think of all the ways you'll be saving valuable time and money by staying home to get those essential rays:

No longer having to pay for tanning salon visits...
No more burning through expensive gas driving to the nearest tanning salon...
No more having to waste your precious time making appointments...
Never having to look for a parking spot, or driving out of your way...
Reducing (but not eliminating) your worries about getting a sunburn...

Yes, having to pack up the car (nuisance), fill the gas tank (expensive) and drive someplace sunny or to a tanning salon (loss of valuable time) can be a show-stopper for you.

And for those reasons, you may be depriving yourself of getting an ample amount of ultraviolet rays everyday.

No more!

Just picture yourself with a nice healthy skin tone. Your friends and coworkers can only admire your color while they spend the off-season all wan and pale. (Tell them you just came back from Aruba!)

Maintenance? What Maintenance?

In addition to being conveniently mountable and out of your way, and all the time and money you'll save, there is extremely little maintenance associated with your unit. Each lamp in your unit is rated for at least 1,000 hours of heavy duty usage.

You can use them for many years before having to make any replacements.

And if you do need to replace a lamp for any reason, it's as easy and as fast as replacing a bulb in a fluorescent lamp. No tools required...

Every unit is built using the most energy efficient electrical components on the market today.

Each SunSplash tanning or D-Lite session costs you only pennies!

These units are all manufactured in the USA. The 16-year-old company that makes them is a leader in the home tanning industry.

And of course, your unit comes with a timer. But there is also a backup timing device which will automatically turn your unit off after 11 minutes. This feature isn't even required by the FDA yet.

Rest assured, these innovative units are well ahead of the curve.

Wait A Minute! I'm Supposed To Avoid the Sun's Rays These Days, Right?

Despite the health benefits you can derive from the sun's ultraviolet rays, they've still gotten a lot of undeserved bad press lately.

UV Rays from the Sun or a Tanning System Have Many Benefits, in Moderation

Everyone from health officials to your well-meaning friends seems to have the same advice: The sun is your enemy. They tell you that it will wrinkle your skin and cause you to look older prematurely -- even increase your risk of cancer.

It is true that anything, no matter how healthy it might be for you, can be harmful in excessive amounts. Remember:

Always avoid overexposing yourself to the sun's rays! This applies to tanning beds or systems as well.

You should definitely avoid sunburn at all costs.

With that being said, in moderation, ultraviolet rays from the sun or a tanning system can have many benefits for you.

On the other hand, in my opinion, avoiding the sun's ultraviolet rays can have detrimental effects on your health simply because you are depriving yourself of the solar nourishment you were meant to have.

Of course, the amount of exposure depends on you, so if you're not sure, start out by getting just a few minutes a day and gradually build your way up.

Just don't expose yourself long enough to get sunburned. Make your exposure to vitamin D-stimulating rays a positive one.

Avoid the Winter Blues with "The Sunshine Vitamin"

Why does it seem that more people are "under the weather" during the months November through March?

Or why many people feel fatigued and run-down during that time?

The SunSplash Tanning System Provides You with Both UVA and UVB Rays While Supporting Your Optimal Wellness

Coincidence? I don't think so.

During that period, in most of the United States the sun won't stimulate vitamin D in your body, due to its increased distance. Your vitamin D levels can drop as much as 50% in the winter.

Depleted of vitamin D, your immune system may not be up to its full potential, leaving you more susceptible to certain health concerns. In fact, I strongly believe that vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic!

Vitamin D has demonstrated support for:

Your healthy immune system
Your cardiovascular system
Your prostate
Helping increase your level of white blood cells
Your healthy skin

Your body doesn't produce vitamin D on its own. You need exposure to ultraviolet rays to stimulate the production of vitamin D in your body.

Yes, there are vitamin D supplements on the market, but I feel that the best place for you to get your vitamin D is from ultraviolet B rays.

Many of these supplements are synthetic, which you should avoid. Also, vitamin D in excessive doses can lead to other health concerns (visit my website to learn more about that).

So get some exposure -- the good kind!

Guess what? The SunSplash and D-Lite Systems are excellent sources of UVA and/or UVB rays...

Want to Reverse Your Wrinkles?

Then Go To the Light... For Younger Looking Skin
There's another way that light benefits you, specifically light produced in 633 nanometer (nm) waves. (Incidentally, the D-Lite, SunSplash Refresh, SunSplash Renew Systems and Vitality Beds produce light in this range.)

When you are exposed to light in this 633 nm range, your skin cells are naturally stimulated, leading to the production of collagen, elastin and certain enzymes that support your skin.

As you age, collagen and elastin break down and you begin to see wrinkles, creases and folds in skin that was once taut.

This process may accelerate if you smoke or have poor eating habits.

Light in the 633 nm range pulls collagen back to the surface of your skin to fill in lines and wrinkles, and help reverse the appearance of aging.

Also, light in this range helps strengthen the walls of the small blood vessels in your skin, which results in improved oxygenation and detoxification. Hydration is increased, and the ability of your skin to retain moisture improves.

Improved natural healing and the creation of healthy conditions for your skin will follow.

Another important effect of 633 nm light is that it affects the permeability of the membrane of your skin cells. What this means is that it becomes easier for the important active ingredients of topical skincare products to pass through the walls of your skin cells, increasing their effectiveness.

In a nutshell, light in the 633 nm range can improve the clarity, tone and texture of your skin, basically giving you a more youthful appearance.

New Blue Light Can Promote

Even More Skin Benefits for You
There is one more truly special type of light from the visible spectrum. Gentle blue light in the 417-419 nm wavelength has some extraordinary properties that your skin will love.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, blue light can actually help your skin health.

Best of all, blue light is totally safe and generates no additional heat or harmful radiation. Indeed, blue light therapies are known to help support your body’s skin health.

Now, you've seen how important all four of these light forms are to your overall health and wellbeing. So wouldn't it be great to have them available to you 24/7?

Your UV Light System May be Tax-Deductible!
According to the manufacturer, the IRS may subsidize your UV Light System if your doctor recommends light therapy at home. A doctor's written order could turn your home System into a piece of tax-deductible medical equipment, as long as you satisfy a few IRS conditions. Please consult your tax professional to see if you could qualify for this benefit!

Recommended by the Vitamin D Council
Scientists at the Vitamin D Council agree that both children and adults should have a Vitamin D level of 50 ng/ml all year-round. They recommend the use of any Mercola Tanning Systems as a safe and effective way to help you achieve natural levels of Vitamin D. The Vitamin D Council is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to educate the public about Vitamin D deficiency and how to prevent it.

Night or Day, Rain or Shine -- Get Some Rays

Don't be underexposed!

You need to get some exposure to beneficial ultraviolet rays regularly to help achieve your optimal wellness. Now you can! Winter, night-time, rain, while supper is cooking -- anytime is a good time to catch some vitamin D-stimulating rays.

The luxury of owning your very own unit is almost like owning a little bit of sunlight to use whenever you want. And the benefits will improve your life in so many ways:

Bask in the relaxing glow of the powerful UV rays available from Body Sunergy Selectra VHO lamps (and help reverse the signs of aging)

Easily mount your system to a door or wall with simple hanging brackets (wall mount not included)

Realize years of usage with bulbs rated at up to 1000 hours (saves you money on maintenance)

Quickly tan in just 10 minutes a day -- whenever you choose (Tanning System only)

Get the perfect amount of rays with the automatic shut-off timer and backup timer (no worries here)

Rest easy knowing your eyes are protected with your included free pair of UV goggles (included with your system)

Save money by using standard 110V outlets (you don't need any expensive electric work done)
I think you'll agree -- these units will quickly pay for themselves in tanning salon costs, gas, time and convenience. And when your friends and coworkers see your great looking skin, the look on their faces will be priceless!

Plus Another Two Bonuses...

And when you order today, you'll also receive a free copy of my "Sunshine Report" (valued at $9.97) on the important role Vitamin D plays in your health.

If that wasn't enough, you'll also get FREE SHIPPING on your System! (Limited time offer only...)

Turning heads, feeling good, being well -- what is all that really worth to you?

Have your very own SunSplash or D Lite Tanning System shipped to your home or office today!

Posted by: Dr. Mercola