Investigate before vaccinating

This article is dedicated to the parents who have never RECEIVED real information on the dangers of vaccinations carry out on their offspring's and those who are about to remain pregnant. It is also dedicated to the individuals in the Governments who are truly sensitive about respecting the human health and indifferent to world-wide economic interest of the Pharmaceutical Companies, with the hope that they may have some influence and be determined enough to change the roles of the Game. It must be remembered ,in fact, that the Pharmaceutical Companies have an enormous influence on Governments, on Medicine and Doctors, including the O.M.S.

In fact the MAJORITY OF RESEARCH in the medical field, IN the MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES FOR THE preparation of doctors and many careers inside and out of the Health industry are influenced by the Pharm. Co. It is important to know that Doctors, in general, do not study in detail the research carried out on vaccines, but just the final outcome and from world-wide statistics the results show (incredibly) that the Doctors category is the one least vaccinated., By law Doctors should inform the patients on the immediate SIDE effects and those at a distance of years after the vaccine has been injected, it should be so even without a request from the patient. But unfortunately, the vaccine manufactures in agreement with the Governments, intentionally omit to enclose the appositry leaflet on the side effects, information that is by law obligatory for all drugs; so no leaflet no information on behalf of the doctors.

The damage from vaccines is perfectly known to the manufactures and certain scientific environments; BUT nothing is said, THEY KEEP QUIET, ALSO ABOUT A LOT OF COURT CASES THAT CITIZENS TRY TO FIGHT FOR COMPENSATION.

Their intention is to be compensated from the Governments or Structures that have caused the damage by vaccinating. VACCINATIONS MUST BE AN OPTION. If you are obliged to vaccinate, the law knowing the hidden dangers, then the law is violating a fundamental Human right, your HEALTH. Obligatory vaccinations and all other health precautions carried out without the informed consent of the single citizen are VIOLATIONS of the respect of the human person,of the rights to his/her health and are a COERCION of the fundamental principles of his/her conscience and also for all those that are auto-sufficient in the management of their own health. Besides generally speaking, but fortunately not for all, Doctors do not report or recognize the cases of reactions to vaccines. Lots of babies and toddlers throughout the World are vaccinated without their consent, or their parents consent.


Vaccinations in truth have not diminished the % of deaths caused by infectious diseases and they have not accelerated the down curve. In America,for example (where vaccinations are obligatory) the epidemics hit 100% of the vaccinated persons, while on the contrary there had been an absence of Measles between the people not vaccinated pertaining to a certain religious community between 1970 and 1988. In Sweden they do not vaccinate children against Whooping Cough ( Pertussis) any longer because the vaccine has been identified as being dangerous and ineffective, this recognition comes from their Scientific community and their more sensitive Government . There are finally some atypical forms of Measles that appear in vaccinated people, that move the infection towards vital organs and this happens in 50% of cases, with 12-15% of deaths.


It has been well documented that Polio myelitis is provoked by the Polio vaccine. The Polio virus,generally speaking, is innocuous, that is to say that an immune system in order allows a good defensive answer against it. In fact one of the first cases of Polio, bearing in mind that the virus was already on the Planet, was in 1887; all the successive Polio epidemics were intensified after the vaccination ( strange!! isnt it ? ). In the 50^(1) there had been a spontaneous downfall in
Polio cases and introducing the vaccine ( obligatory) more cases of Viral Meningitis started to manifest along with Cerebral Paralysis and Guillain Barre syndrome. A lot of contaminated anti Polio vaccine were administered to millions of babies all over the world in the first years of the 60^(1), they contained the monkey virus SV 40 known to be the causes of cancer in animals and cellular mutations on human TISSUES IN CULTURE.


It is a known fact that vaccinations weaken the immune system of a newborn via the placenta at birth;and these polyvalent vaccinations, INCLUDING the one for Hepatitis B, have transformed innocuous infant diseases in serious unhealthy affections between the population of vaccinated people. Whooping Cough had a big downfall in America up until the point where vaccinating became obligatory in 1978 and that had such an increment that today the virus has triplicated. In 1975, Japan stopped vaccinating children under 2 years of age, after this decision was made it leaped to the 17th position in world ranking and had one of the lowest % of infant deaths.Unfortunately, this positive condition was inverted when in 1988, year in which it was decided to vaccinate children in the first 3 months of their lives.

A scientist by the name of Dr. Viera Scheibner, with the aid of a special monitor used to estimate sudden early stage deaths in babies, found a high % OF COT DEATHS OCCURRED AFTER vaccinated, and it is worthwhile knowing that governments LIKE America and Japan are forced to refund Millions of dollars for road accidents, but also for COT DEATHS. Immunodefiancy today is wide spread and could depend on compromises in the immune system of the body induced by vaccines. It is interesting to note that in Australia dog breeders no longer
vaccinate because it interfere with the immune system and fertility.


This vaccine e.g.. obligatory in Italy, if administered roughly at 6 years of age can cause respiratory difficulties very similar to Whooping Cough and auto immunizing chronic diseases (arthritis-reumatoide).We do not have to consider strange the hypothesis of some researchers, that vaccination can somehow be the cause of the body^(1)s predisposition to the disease itself and it^(1)s consequences, invalidating proven by the examples above the immune system. It is advisable to remember the dangers in vaccinating when:

(a) There has been a proven reaction to a certain vaccine the past, even if minimum.

(b) If one knows of any alteration in the immune system what so ever.

(c) If one is in a state of physical debilitation or one has a cold or influenza.


Vaccines contain bacteria or live viruses ( with an attenuated virulence ) or dead ones; they contain an unknown and unlimited amount of viruses from animals ( it^(1)s a known fact that viruses are cultivated in animal tissues ) and only a small amount are tested.

Further more they contain bacterial endo-toxins, high level toxins, antibiotics, heterologic proteins, genetic materials and tissues originating from chickens eggs, from kidney^(1)s in dog^(1)s and monkey^(1)s, from the brains of rabbit^(1)s, cow^(1)s, pig^(1)s and from aborted human FETUS. They also contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum with 0.25% per every vaccine and their toxicology is well known.


-cerebral damage, paralysis, meningitis, encephalitis, -shock, high fever, diarrhea,headaches, -vomit, respiratory crises, irritability and continuous
crying, -violent screaming crises, ECCESSIVE sleeping, otitis, COT DEATH.


Such side effects generally occur with some delay and their development is
insidious, but they are connected to vaccines. They can be frequent, ( asthma, recurrent infections, ) less frequent ( autism, ) and rare ( lupus ).

In detail: -weakened immune system, asthma, allergies, eczema, pathological
vascular conditions, -alterations of the behavior, difficulties in learning and paralysis, -frequent tonsilitis, otitis, articulated rheumatism, -deafness, blindness, -Crohn^(1)s disease, leukemia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, CHRONICE FATIGUE SYNDROME, lupus, -psychiatric problems, autism, mental delay, epilepsy, parkinson^(1)s disease, Guillan-Barre^(1) syndrome, -hepatic, renal and cardiac insufficiency.


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By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia)