Light medicine of the future:
“Let there be light”

We seem to totally discount our own ability to see, hear and feel our everyday experience, trusting only the findings of others…we differ from.

Life on earth evolved under Natural Sunlight and has existed for quite some time under the full Spectrum of Light that it contains. Many tribes, Pagans even entire civilizations worshipped the Sun for its Healing Powers, using its full Spectrum of Light to treat Physical and Mental problems.

As we know, a car’s engine requires fuel, oxygen and a Spark ( ignition) to create internal combustion, to make the engine run.
The human body is no different, it also requires fuel in the form of Food, Oxygen and a Spark in the form of LIGHT to ignite the process of Metabolism.

If the ignition system of the car is not functioning properly, Fuel additives will not solve the problem. The same is true in the human body. Vitamins , will not solve the problems caused by a lack of the appropriate wavelengths of Light (Vibration) necessary to create Complete metabolism.

There is no question about it that the visible portion of the Spectrum as well as some portions beyond, especially the ultra-violet (UV), act as the ignition system for all human biological functions.

Flashing a Light source into a person’s better eye and allowing it to travel to the brain, eventually stimulating the opposite eye which is not as strong…is a process and fact …used these days.
Since the eyes are connected neurologically, the use of the better eye to train it’s counterpart to see more clearly is now made possible.

The above experience not only confirms that the body gives off light, but by changing the way we use our minds we can actually increase, decrease and/or direct the flow of the body’s energy.

People are always looking for something specific in Life and that in the process they missed everything they weren’t looking for.
Most of Life’s revelations occur when we are not looking for them. We should not view and experience a partial Reality.

It may be True then…..if we looked at Nothing…perhaps we would see Everything?

We must realize that people are meant to see Passively, Not Actively and that our eyes are meant to see for us…if we let them. Vision is meant to be Effortless.

We need to view Life in the same way we view a movie…without effort…the projectionist …being our “Higher self” looking at us in the “NOW”… but already knowing the past and the future.

There is a definite integration of Mind and Eyes. So realize that there is a great purpose in the way you see and everything you are “INTUITIVELY” drawn to …is important and requires your attention!

“Syntonics therapeutically” utilizes different portions of the visible Light Spectrum to treat by ways of the eyes an array of bodily conditions.
Research tells us that the color Turquoise acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Our task is to take in and utilize Light so that we may merge with our True selves and our destiny, thus facilitating the “healing” of our Planet.
As each of us becomes “Whole”, we radiate Light…Light from WITHIN…unimpeded by our self-imposed Emotional and Physical blocks.

The medicine of the Future is therefore …LIGHT. We are healing ourselves with that which is our essence.


This bridges the gap between scientific knowledge, Intuitive knowing, health, and personal evolution.
Light is a non-intrusive, very Powerful tool, resides at the core of the New Medicine.
Light is the basic component from which all Life originates, develops, heals and evolves.
Intuitive and rational science is a marriage that is bonded by Light.

There is no such thing as treating the body as a separate collection of “Parts” to be fixed when broken. Human beings are the embodiment of Light. Our troubles and ills result from our inability to take in and use Light as a Launching pad …from which to heal and evolve.

The body is a living “Photocel”l , stimulated and regulated by Light entering the eyes…remember the eyes are the “Windows of the Soul”
The eyes are the entry points through which Light has its profound effect on the regulation of human physiological and emotional functioning and the development of our Consciousness.

This part examines the role of the “Pineal”, the body’s Light-meter, and how it assists us in becoming synchronized with Nature and thus One with the Universe.
It explores the world of color and how we use color to heal, and introduce the concept of Light as Food, the Nutrient that catalyzes biological combustion in humans, just as it catalyzes photosynthesis in Plants.

Because of humanity’s haphazard approach to Life, we have set ourselves up to experience chronic mal-illumination, creating major in-balances (malnutrition) in our ability to function as healthy,” Whole” humans.

Modern technologies such as Fluorescent Lighting, sunglasses, tanning lotions are harming us more than we realize.

Light can effectively enhance learning abilities, reduce learning abilities, strengthen the Immune- System, and even play a role in life extension.

Ultraviolet Light (UV) has No harmful effects. UV is one of the most biologically active and important portions of the electro-magnetic Spectrum.

Light and Color contain the essence of what humans attempt to gain by eating food and taking vitamins and in fact, act as catalysts for the absorption and use of these nutrients within our bodies.(Rainbow diet)

Light has an ability to unlock and unclog the mind with greater expedience.
Light medicine presents as a holistic approach to the healing, the physiological, emotional and spiritual bodies. (body/mind connection).
Realize always that we are spiritual beings First….Spiritual beings in a Physical body.

We need to heal the body and mind simultaneously as a direct effect of making the subconscious …conscious, and thereby transforming old cellular memory into a new experience of enlightenment.

Colors, specifically those with which we are most uncomfortable, can become our most powerful allies, and they can be used to access old unresolved emotional traumas, when brought to the conscious level, act as springboards from which we can pull out, by the roots, the weeds we call “disease”

Light is the medicine of the Future that will propel humankind into the age of Enlightenment.


The Human Photocell.

The term “solar system” tells it all. It implies that human beings are of, or derived from, the Sun…”You Light up my Life”

Our Evolution, in some deep way is related to our ability to take in and utilize light on a spiritual level as well as a physical Level.

Sunlight is composed of a variety of energies that are transmitted to Earth in the form of electro-magnetic waves.
The visible portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum containing all the Colors of the rainbow from Violet (shortest wavelength) to red (longest wavelength) is a most important key to human functioning and evolution.

Our lives, health and well-being are truly dependent on the Sun.
Each Sunrise, a transition from the restful darkness of night to the energetic brightness of day, infuses life into all living things.

In humans exposure to sunlight significantly influences a host of physiological and psychological functions. Among these, fertility and mood are two of the most profoundly affected.

In Finland and Norway higher incidence of fatigues, irritability, insomnia, depression, alcoholism and suicide occur mainly in the season of darkness. While in June and July when the sun shines approx. 20 hours a day more children are conceived.


Let there be Light …meaning physically and spiritually.
Heliopolis the Greek city of the Sun was known for its healing temples where light was broken up into different Colors, for each specific medical problem.

Human beings become pale, flabby as a result of being deprived of Light, finally losing all their vital energy.
Sun energy is stored in plants.

Gradual and consistent exposure to sunlight yields,

• Decreased resting heart rate
• Decreased blood pressure
• Decreased respiratory rate
• Decreased blood sugar
• Decreased Lactic Acid
• Increased learning ability
• Increased energy, strength, and endurance
• Increased tolerance to stress
• Increased ability of the blood to absorb and/carry oxygen
• Less anxiety
• Spiritual Awakening

Human beings are truly living Photocells energized by the sun’s Light, the nutrient
of humankind. Note the function of eyes is not for seeing Only.


The eyes are wonderful tools for the examination and understanding of the Universe, they regulate the language of communication.
Eyes are truly a mirror of our Physical and Emotional Health (an open book). They inform us with about 3000 different functions.


The eyes which are actual extension of the brain , are more intricate and complex than any humanly conceived system to date.
A single eye contains 137 million photoreceptors and more than 1 billion total parts. The eye and brain represent 2% of total body weight and require 25% of our nutritional intake. The eyes alone use one third as much oxygen as the heart and needs ten to twenty times the Vitamin C. The eyes being the entry points provide 90%of all the information we learn in a life time. Three billion messages are relayed to the brain every second…where off two billion are sent from the eyes.


The nervous system is the major health keeper and is directly stimulated and regulated by Light.
The Central nervous system regulates rapidly changing activities such as muscle contraction and other internal functions of the body. It stimulates all of the smooth muscle tissue, the heart and the glands.


The Pineal (Third eye) serves to assist us in bonding with the Universe. It is shaped like a Pinecone and is the size of a Pea. The Pineal is located deep in the centre of the brain between the two Hemispheres.
It acts as the body’s Light-meter, receiving Light-Activated information from the eyes and then sending out hormonal messages that have a profound effect on the mind and the body.
The earth’s Electro-Magnetic field is to transmit information to the body pertaining to the length of daylight.


Light stimulates the Pineal exclusively by way of our eyes therefore making it an integral part of the visual system (third eye)
Its Light-Activated information is primarily used to orchestrate all the body’s
Functions and synchronize them with the external environment. The Pineal accomplishes this by utilizing Light-Related messages which it receives from the body’s biological clock, to determine when to realize its very powerful hormone…Melatonin.

Melatonin is released in response to darkness reaching its highest level in the middle of the night. Not a single cell in the body can escape the influence of Light striking the eyes. Yes…We truly are Light bodies!!!

Without this Solar influence, the many rhythmic functions of the body would resemble an orchestra without a conductor.

The Pineal causes the daily biological rhythm. It offers the reproductive function growth, body temperature, blood pressure, sleep, tumor growth, mood, immune system etc. and Longevity.

Melatonin could help reserve aging , in fact could increase lifespan by 20%.
Melatonin production declines with age.


Light enters the eyes not only to serve vision but to go directly to the body’s biological clock within the hypothalamus. This controls the nervous system and endocrine system, whose combined efforts regulate all biological functions in humans.


Pointing a flashlight can’t make you see the light…unless it strikes something.
LIGHT GIVES LIFE TO THE OBJECTS IT STRIKES” All things appear as Color. Color appears to describe life itself, evoking inner feelings, memories, and responses. It has a Power and a Language of its own, which when communicated as energy, can excite, sedate, balance, motivate, inspire, enhance learning, red hot, feeling blue, in the pink etc. or white as a ghost.
All Life literally is Light. Without Light there is Only darkness.


People’s reaction to color are part of their unique and ancient, primal memory-information coming from deep within their centre, reflecting either an existing state of mind ,or a state of glandular balance or both.

Certain brain regions are not only sensitive but actually respond differently to different wavelengths (Colors are wave lengths)
Different color of radiation, interact differently with the endocrine system to stimulate or inhibit hormonal production.

The body has a series of seven major energy centers know as Charka’s (Chakras) . These Charkas (energy points) located at the sites of the major endocrine glands and corresponding to particular states of consciousness and personality types, were each responsive to or ignited by a different color.)


1/ Crown Charka ----Violet-----Imagination-Pineal-Brain dendrites
2/ Brow Charka------Indigo----Intuitive-Pituitary-Carotid
3/ Throat Charka-- -Blue------Conceptual-Thyroid-Parathyroid
4/ Heart Charka---- Green-----Acquisitive-Thymus-Cardiac
5/ Solar Charka---- Yellow----Intellectual-Adrenal-Pancreas-Solar
6/ Over the Spleen Charka--- Orange---Social-Spleen
7/ Genital Charka----Red---- -Physical sensation-Gonads.


Blue Light…for reducing Arthritis, Jaundice, Blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory.
Red Light…stops migraines.
Pink Light…calms the most jangled nerves. (Prisons)
Red and Blue Lights are used for athletes to increase performance.

Light is the major nutrient sustaining all life, then it follows that poor and/or incomplete Lighting will significantly affect every aspect of human existence.


Full-spectrum Lighting has positive effects on the body and also, water and food. A “Kiva Light” was developed, which utilizes a modified full-spectrum Light source to revitalize food and water. Water became the same as water found around membranes of healthy body cells. Mr. Bachechi from Albuquerque, New Mexico recommends that all foods should be prepared under Kiva Lights. The Lights have a profound energizing and balancing effect on food.


Sun Light has the ability to give, maintain and restore Life. Light consists of the Colors of the rainbow (full visible spectrum)
The eyes, illuminate the body, mind and spirit represented a gateway into a person’s entire being.
Blue cures certain diseases, elevates fertility and increases the rate of physical maturation.. Its good to treat diseases accompanied by pain. Blue Light stimulates the glands, nervous system and secretive organs.


Sun Light striking the skin initiates a series of reactions via the body leading to the production of Vitamin D6, a necessary ingredient for the absorption of Calcium and other Minerals from the diet. Without Vit. D the body will not absorb the amount of Calcium for normal growth and developments of the bones (rickets)

Always look at the world as a “Whole” not through a “Hole”!
Stress directly affects the peripheral field of vision, thus reducing how much we see. As the stress increases so will be the individual’s field of vision contract when required to respond to a visually demanding task. This also happens when rest and diet are out of balance. (visual-field contraction)



Remember the functions of the Pineal gland, is most important. Located deep in the brain’s core it receives Light from the eyes and regulates the onset of puberty, induces sleep (producing Melatonin), influences our moods, it acts as the body’s Light-meter and timer orchestrating our internal functions and synchronizing them with the external environment of nature.

Another very important aspect of Pineal function is that its effects on our physiology and mood are mediated by the daily rhythmic secretion of its hormone Melatonin, which is highest at night (2-4am) The Light of day suppresses melatonin’s secretion while the darkness of night increases it.


Melatonin has a profound effect on the reproductive Physiology of any number of different animal species and humans.
Human sexual physiology is influenced by the Pineal gland. High levels of melatonin (short days) result in depressed sexual physiology (decreased sex hormone levels)

Melatonin suppresses ovulation in females but also sperm formation in males. It also suppresses the growth of specific types of tumors.

Reducing jet lag may be done by “hook-winking” the body’s biological clock, which is extremely sensitive to bright light and darkness through precisely timed Light exposures.
Perhaps during certain flights you will be instructed to pull down your window shade maybe while the entire aircraft is brightly illuminated.
This could reduce your jet lag in the near future.

* Whether traveling east or west, avoid exposure to morning Light (until about 10 am just prior to departure, during flight, and after arrival.
* During those same days maximize your exposure to afternoon and early-evening Light.
* A window seat is recommended in order to assist in bright-light exposure during flight. During afternoon flights, do not draw the window shades or watch an afternoon movie.

It can change in function of the body.


A tree knows where it is on Nature’s wheel. Whatever the position, in full leaf, with ripe fruit…it is all part of being a tree.

There are seasons in our Life (ups and downs)
Do not try to escape them (seasons)
If you try to bear fruit when it is time to bud…You may Never bud!

Listen to the song of Nature. Every year is a cycle. There is a time for activity and a time for quiet. There are moments of beginning and moments for ending. There are seasons for moving and seasons for renewal . Be still and learn see Nature’s story unfold. Watch a bird in a tree.

There are seasons to a day. The dawn is Spring. Summer is midday. The afternoon is Autumn. Winter comes at night. We were made to experience this cycle each day. Move in rhythm with the day.

Always remember that Tomorrow there is another cycle, another turn of the wheel. Each breath is a cycle of Life. Take in the sweet spring of your breath. Fill up your lungs with each cycle of life. Now breathe again, for there is always a new beginning and a new ending.

Remember: Yesterday is Gone (a cancelled cheque) Tomorrow may Never Come (an I owe you) Today is all we have (cash in hand) …be grateful for it and spent it as wisely as you can.


Blocking of Ultraviolet rays in anyway will severely weaken the body’s defenses.
UV Light through the eyes stimulates the Immune System. UV in large amounts at any one time may be harmful, however in trace amounts as in Natural Sunlight it acts as a “Life-supporting Nutrient” that is highly beneficial.
Most of the UV after-all is filtered out by the Ozone Layer.

Sun Therapy is known to help:

• TB – Colitis- Gout- Cystitis- Arthritis- Eczema- Acne-Herpes- Sciatica- Asthma- Kidney problems- Lupe’s- Cancer- Burns-Blood pressure- Heart Problems-etc.


1/ UV Light activates the synthesis of Vitamin D, which is the prerequisite for the absorption of Calcium and other minerals from the diet.
2/ UV Light lowers blood pressure.
3/ UV Light increases the efficiency of the heart, increasing cardiac output by an average of 39%. Hearts become more stronger, and pump more blood.
4/ UV Light improves electrocardiogram.
5/ UV Light reduces cholesterol. It helps it break down.
6/ UV Light assists in weight loss. The UV stimulates the thyroid gland, which increases metabolism and thus burns calories.
7/ UV Light is an effective treatment for psoriasis … .a skin disease.
8/ UV Light is an effective treatment for many other diseases. It is effective in killing infectious bacteria, TB, Cancer bacteria etc.
9/ UV Light increases the level of sex hormones. It increases male hormone levels by 120% as well as female hormones.
10/ UV Light activates an important skin hormone which works in conjunction with the Pineal hormone Melatonin, to control the body’s responses to sunlight and darkness ( form of Vit. D3)



Sun light.

Spend a portion of each day (at least one hour) outdoors, regardless of the weather. Even in the shade or screened porch is fine.
Don’t wear sun glasses, sun tan lotion etc.
Neutral gray sun glasses if you need to wear any.
Consider installing UV transmitting windows in your home.

Light traveling through the eyes directly affects the nutrients in the blood, allowing them to be completely absorbed by the body as usable food. (some people haven’t eaten for over 24 years…. living on sun light only)

Food’s Color is to energize, balance and heal a corresponding Charka of the same color as well as the glands, organs and nerve centers associated with it.

Generally the first three Charkas (starting at the bottom) corresponding to the colors red, orange, and yellow are associated with the Physical and Emotional aspects of survival, while the fourth through the seventh Charkas, green, blue, indigo and violet represent an opening of the heart and the higher centers that nourish the spiritual aspects of higher consciousness.

A “Rainbow diet” of live, colorful, full-spectrum foods, in order to nourish the entire being. Red , orange and yellow foods in the morning. Yellow, green, and blue foods mid-day. Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Golden foods in the evening.
Crown Charka (7th) is associated with both purple/violet and gold.
Cauliflower and tofu can be eaten with all foods.

Morning: - Bananas and red strawberries and apples.
Lunch: - Green Salad
Dinner: - Egg plant, purple cabbage, beets, legumes.


In Reality micro-organism don’t cause disease---WE DO!
Micro-organisms are merely another part of the world population trying to live in harmony with us.

Their contribution to the process we call disease is only by way of our invitation. Just as ants don’t think of coming into our homes unless there is food left out for them. Germs don’t come into our bodies unless a door is left open.

This door is left open in response to stress, low immune.
We don’t have to focus on killing micro-organisms…we merely need to change our mental, emotional and physical environments that nutritionally feed them.

Changing our consciousness, diets, lifestyles and environments can alter the chemistry of our bodies, so that infectious agents cannot survive in them and there fore are forced to leave.
Its like life…some of our friends come and go, we certainly don’t have to kill the people we don’t want in our lives anymore.
Thus changing our consciousness and actions creates a very powerful effect.

By using the Light to re-awaken the traumatic events residing in the subconscious,
These events can be brought to the conscious level and thus dealt with more effectively, in a truly deep healing, life changing way.

Remember carefully most diseases of the mind, particularly if they are in extreme emotional pain, or lack of self Love.
Also real knowledge is known by heart…through feelings.

Wisdom isn’t something embodied in a degree or diploma, it is the original equipment that comes with the vehicle a person calls his/her body, mind and spirit.
Real wisdom takes no effort…just a lot of experience and patience.

It has been proven that our entire body system closes down and contracts when we feel frightened or threatened. The digestion and assimilation of our experiences are impaired, our energies come to a sudden halt and get stuck.
We may even hold our breath and when that happens our “Life Force” stops to flow.

On a physical level, the slowing down or stoppage of energy flow through certain portions of our bodies will cause toxic build-ups within the corresponding organs, muscles etc. followed by dysfunction, disease etc.

Disease is the physical end result of a lack of energy flow through certain portions of the body physiology. This then is the aim of the illuminati governments to cause terrorists acts so that people will feel depressed and become more controllable.(sheeplike)


There are three factors that block biological receptivity.

1/ Excessive time spent under artificial light, lacking necessary wave lengths stimulation.
2/ Excessive use of sun- glasses , blocking portions of the spectrum through the eyes.
3/ Emotional / Physical trauma.


One of the most important genetically, encoded programs in humans, is the ability to heal ourselves. This is true of All life forms.

Unresolved traumatic events in life often seem to recur in various forms. It is as though we keep inviting to ourselves those situations we need in order to learn, grow and heal (our soul contract)

Remember the word “contagious”… People’s emotions awaken identical feelings in those around them.

Our inability to express our feelings stems from the fact that we have been taught how to speak….but Not how to listen! … either to ourselves or to others.
If you pretend not to see, hear or feel… what you actually see, hear, or feel, are then the portions of your being that are responsible for processing this information will eventually begin to malfunction. This may be the reason why we develop our illnesses and other impairments.

Nature provides us with just what we need to assist us in the process of growth and development.
Healing begins in the deepest parts of our beings , the emotional/mental levels and only then will spread to the physical level. In fact every organism is designed by our Creator to defend and heal itself.


Note: The following expressions “Let likes be treated by likes”. In other words, those aspects of Life to which we are unreceptive to, are probably just the medicine we need to ingest to assist us in healing our reactivity to the unreceptive situations. Such medicine or experience in life will thus expend our awareness. This Universal law of cure, referred to as the Law of Similars and is known to be the basis of the modern science of homeopathy.

The suggestion here is that those incidents, problems, which are all experiences in our life as that most trigger our feelings are really bringing our awareness to the very sensitive , wounded portions of our beings that most need healing. This is nature’s way of bringing sub-conscious information to the conscious level…so that we can effectively deal with it.
Proverb: “the Gain is in proportion to the pain”….or grieving is the Healing feeling!


When nature provides us with an opportunity for growth through the triggering of our sensitive feelings by other people or situations, most of us , due to our cultural conditioning , avoid our true feelings and instead develop and act out addictive patterns.

Take a baby for instance …when it tends to express its feelings, someone shoves a bottle, nipple or any other pacifier into its mouth.
The message received by the baby is when feelings arise; the appropriate way to deal with them is to put something in its mouth. By the time they grow up and become adults, this results in overeating, smoking, abusing drugs and alcohol and so on. In other words, what we don’t address …WE SUPPRESS!


Light is not just a tool to treat different functional conditions. Light is also a tool to expand our awareness of emotional and mental patterns so that we can create an internal environment…where vibrant health is the norm.
Remember then…” Where there is Light….there cant be darkness! ....Life is basically an Energy Experience.

Our Life’s main task is to bring the sub-conscious…up to the Conscious Level.

Think of the Conscious (10-12%) as being the tip of the iceberg. The tip is all we see from a distance as the remaining part (the sub-conscious) is submerged, which we need to bring to the surface. This we can only have done through Love and Compassion.


As we already know…Life is basically an Energy Experience.
All our human interactions are vibrational in nature.

The sun’s vibrational energy is the most potent Life-sustaining force in our very immediate Universe or Solar system. (electro- magnetic energy)

It is now a fact that different aspects, or frequencies (Colors) of this energy have different affects on our moods, behaviors and vital functions. (Charkas)

Each separate frequency, or color of the Spectrum has nutritional value and is the total food source for the initial development. (Rainbow diet)

Together these frequencies unite a rainbow of balanced nutrition that connects and synchronizes the vital functions of all organisms with the natural chronology of the cosmos. No wonder our Creator keeps reminding us of this importance… by displaying us a beautiful Rainbow. (lately even twin rainbows)

Our total development is dependent upon the quality and specific aspects of Universal Light to which we are receptive.

Light is that Super-terrestrial, natural force under which All Life on Earth ( and Universe) originates and develops.


Invasive medical approaches to treatment will become outdated as we soon enter the “LIGHT AGE” .
Scalpels will be replaced by Lasers, Chemotherapy by Phototherapy, prescription drugs by prescription COLORS, Acupuncture needle by needle of Light, eye glasses by healthy eyes (Healing with sun light)
Health and Longevity will be norm of the future.
Our working environments will become Healing environments. Normal Light will become sun-simulating lamps (Kiva)
The Mind and the Body will no longer be looked upon as two separate entities.
Our therapeutic techniques will treat the mind and body as one functioning whole system.


It is time to stop raping the Earth and Each other, and time to realize that we are All connected…One hand Must assist the other!

The real medicine of the future will recognize the connection between mind, body and spirit and…treat them as One.
The New medicine will Not treat disease…. It will treat people instead.
It will Not focus only on one part…it will focus on the whole!

The New medicine (Light) will Not be invasive, it will challenge the body and mind , energetically…TO RE-AWAKEN!

Therefore the study of Light affirms the Interconnectedness of All things. It is a paradigm of the balance between the outside and the inside (the Within ) and is Not much different from human relationships and spirituality


Read the book “Living on Light” by Hira Tatan Manek who has taught thousands to leave solid food behind …and to live solely on Light,

By simply gazing at the sun after sunrise and before sunset, has cured mental and physical diseases and at least one man has not eaten solid food since 1995.

This is an ancient practice based on logic and modern science that relies on water and sunlight for energy. It being photosynthesis taking place, in the human body.

People are fed up with modern medicines to cure their illnesses.

Mental health could be restored within 3 months by just gazing at the sun.
One must start slowly with 10 seconds and work up to 15 minutes a day…but only within the first hour after sunrise or before sunset. At this stage you don’t have to give up food, just reduce the quantities.

If you do this for six months you get physical health. If you go for nine month, then you get spiritual health also.

Mental health is very important for everyone. We all lack balance of mind and that is why we make blunders. With perfect balance of mind you will start thinking in a positive way…negative thoughts go away.

The reason why Light brings such an effect is because from birth we have infinite powers. Our brain is a super-computer. Soon computers will be a thing of the past.

We will be using our “brainuter” instead. At present our super-computer lacks the power supply, which is the sun’s energy. This Light and therefore power can only enter the brain through the human eye. Fact is that the eye is directly connected to the brain. Light needs to be thrown on the eyes to energize the brain, if you want permanency. When we as humans go out of mental and emotional balance, our batteries are running low…and need to be recharged….we don’t need anti-depressants. We need to make our bodies act like a solar chip.

Artificial light can not achieve this as it lacks the photons that natural light has. Lack of the full spectrum of light produces obesity. The best thing for obesity is walking barefoot by the sea on dry, warm sand for 45 minutes in the evening hours while gazing at the sun. With sun gazing you are not fasting nor do you have to go on a special diet, because hunger disappears.

Even medical men agree that the body requires only energy, not food. When we eat plants, we convert food into energy, but it is a secondary source of sun energy.

What other effects does sunlight have on health?

• Your body has the mechanism to absorb sunlight directly to the brain and stimulate five important glands.
• The pineal gland, what we call the third eye, used to be considered useless by the medical profession…but it has been scientifically demonstrated, that as the pineal gland gets activated, more and more neurons regenerate in the brain….a good way to treat Alzheimer and Parkinson
• . As the neurons regenerate your aging process slows down, your life span increases, also memory and intelligence become superb. Yes our body has auto-repair and auto-healing abilities. If your mind thinks that you are improving…you do!
• The reason we are backward in spiritualism is because we lack mental health and spiritual balance. We have too many desires, desires that are killing our physical system and disturbing our and world peace.
• When we have a desire not to harm each other …only then we will be in a spiritual kingdom…then the best things will come to us automatically…it is that simple.

Remember: If we lived our lives being depended on the sun…
There will Never be an Energy crisis….because sun energy will never end.
We can be completely pollution free…..Because sun energy never produces
We would not have obesity, hunger, Aids, Cancer etc.
We would all be mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

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