Health warning to all expectant mothers
and to all who are being recommended to test for HIV

As part of your standardised antenatal care service, you will be recommended to take an HIV test.1 The HIV test is an inaccurate diagnostic tool and remains scientifically unproven. The following facts about the HIV test and certain AIDS drugs have been included in this leaflet for your suggested reading.

The HIV test can give a false positive reading. Leading manufacturers of the HIV tests are aware of the imprecise nature of the test, and include the following or similar disclaimer in with their HIV blood test products: "At present, there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV- 2 in human blood." 2

The reason for this disclaimer is because the test does not indicate the presence of a virus in the blood sample. The test has been designed to measure raised levels of antibody activity in the sample supplied. Raised levels of antibody activity is a normal occurrence in the bloodstream, and primarily indicates a well-functioning immune system. Unfortunately, this antibody activity in the blood can be misinterpreted by the test as indicating the presence of HIV.

As a result of this misinterpretation, men, women and children are being wrongly diagnosed as HIV positive. Scientific literature has so far recorded in excess of 60 different medical conditions which can or have caused sufficient levels of antibody activity in the blood to trigger a false HIV positive reading. These separate conditions include flu, flu jab, malaria, tetanus jab, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis jab, renal failure, haemophilia, organ transplant, alcohol and drug use, recent viral infections and even pregnancy.3 The tests that are then employed by the laboratories independently to confirm the initial positive reading all carry similar disclaimers.

Receiving an HIV positive diagnosis may well lead your doctor to recommend a course of anti HIV drugs for you and your baby. The current drug licensed for use in the UK is Azydothimidine, also known as AZT, ZDV, zidovudine or Retrovir. This drug is highly toxic. It has the well-documented capacity to harm the mother, and also to severely deform and even kill the unborn child.4

The current level of spending on AIDS and HIV drugs in the Western World is very high. So too are the profits enjoyed by the drug manufacturers. As a result, the information contained in this leaflet is largely being ignored by the orthodox medical establishment. This is not an unexpected reaction. The pursuit of profit at the expense of health, the continued employment of questionable medical procedure, the administration of known toxic drugs to expectant mothers, and a refusal by the orthodox medical establishment to listen to sound contrary evidence, some of these are the hallmarks which feature in the history of the once-respected Thalidomide.

Please consider this information carefully as you decide on whether you are tested for HIV. Show this leaflet to your doctor. Ask questions. You are quite within your rights to decline the test.


1. Refer to "Review of antenatal testing services, NHS Regional Office, London, UK Dept of Health." Recommending the HIV test became UK national policy in July 1999, and is now mandatory in some US states.

2. Extract from a disclaimer included in all Abbott AXSYM HIV tests, the world's leading supplier of HIV test kits.

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Refer to index/hiv test/factors for a comprehensive list of known false positive indicators.

4. Kumar et al, Journal of acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 7; 1034-9, 1994, records spontaneous abortions, birth defects, heart defects, mis-shapen faces and other abnormalities. The Lancet Vol 354 Sept 25, 1999, Blanche et al.. deaths of children who received AZT in utero and after birth. JAMA Journal of American Medical Association, Jan 5th 2000, Incidence of liver damage. World Without AIDS, Credence Publications, AZT and its links to enlarged craniums in infants. This account and other personal testimonies are available which warn of the dangers of some of the prescribed AIDS drugs.

For enquiries relating to any of the above information, please contact

Credence Publications on
01622 832386 or 01825 765588

Other important supporting Bibliography:

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By Dr Vernon Coleman

What it says on the FrontPage (with my expanding comments in brackets)

¨ Why Doctors do more harm than good (My note: Including killing their patients)
¨ Why four out of ten patients given drugs suffer side effects (My note: including fatalities)
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¨ Why one in twenty hospital patients pick up infections (My note: many of them fatal!)
¨ Why cancer research has FAILED. (My note: and its failure caused countless unnecessary deaths)
¨ The AIDS myth exposed: the profitable "plague" that never was. (My note: and how many people were killed by the "cure")
¨ Why 85% of medical procedures are a "gamble". (My note: and the gamble is with YOUR health - and may end YOUR life)
¨ Why only 1% of journal articles are scientifically sound. (My note: and cause the perpetuation of myths while suppressing genuine research)
¨ The drug industry: deceitful, corrupt and ruthless. (My note: Not a lot more to be said really! However if you want to take it a lot further, read "Dirty Medicine")
¨ Names of fifty prescription drugs that make animals ill. (My note: they don't do people a lot of good either!)
¨ Why animal experiments are illogical and unscientific. (My note: they are also disgusting, obscene, sadistic beyond belief, and serve no benefit whatsoever. In a true civilisation like the Athens of Percales the perpetrators would have been executed. In most countries today anyone acting in this fashion - save in the name of the false god of "medical research" - would most certainly be thrown in gaol.)

What the papers say about Betrayal of Trust and Vernon Coleman

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(His books are sold in 50 counties and have been translated into 20 languages. Catalogue and price list available from Book Sales, European Medical Journal, PO Box 30, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 9YU)

Betrayal Of Trust ISBN 0 9521492 2 2 (hardback) and 0 9521492 3 0 (paperback) should be obtainable through a good bookseller in any country.

"17 out of every 20 cancer victims shouldn't have cancer. They have been murdered by the callous indifference of the people with power." Dr Vernon Coleman

By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia) &