Free radicals & anti-oxidans

Free Radicals are highly active chemical particles that originate from both Internal and External sources of the body. Internally they are created as part of the metabolic process. In order to provide the energy that we use to work, move around, to think etc... the components that make up our diet become Oxidized in Mitochondria which can be found in the cells of our body, the factory for energy. This process of energetic production generates Free Radicals, increasing the metabolic process, like for example during a sporting activity, will increase the production of Free Radicals.

From the exterior, they are absorbed by our organism and consumed like elements being part of the ambient we live in, like the chlorine we drink with water, like the pollution we breath in the air, like the solar radiation from excessive careless sunbathing and radiation from diagnostic research equipment.

Cigarette smoke is one of the highest concentrated sources of Free Radical production, if you think that only one mouthful of cigarette smoke lets in to our biological system 15 Billion Free Radicals!

Free Radicals being highly reactive and instable give birth to a series of chemical reactions which then attack the cellular structure damaging the functionality, they also interfere with DNA and proteins.This type of damage has been related to the process of aging and with a vast range of degenerative conditions. Therefore after years and years of assaults on behalf of Free Radicals and the Oxidizing in the cellular membrane, billion of cells that are part of the most important organs in the body, have been irremediably damaged.

The body’s protective system, against the attacks on the cells on behalf of the Free Radicals is a complicated system of enzymes and nutrients who’s task it is to neutralize them.

In simple terms Anti oxidants absorb Free Radicals and react chemically with them to form harmless compounds.

Some Anti oxidants are produced in the human organism, while others have to be introduced through the diet and/ or supplements. The ones produced externally are; Vitamins A,C,E and Selenium.

There are still a lot of questions regarding Beta Carotene being considered an Anti oxidant, this information is uncertain, one must stop and think that an even an elevated amount of Beta Carotene used daily will not cause Hypervitaminosis A in as much as the unit acts as a tank that supplies Vitamin A on the moment, when it is needed. Therefore it is not considered a proper Antioxidant.

Vitamin A..........1000Mg

Vitamin E...........400Ui

B Carotene.......20,000Ui

Zinc Chelated......30Mg


Iron Chelated......18Mg

Selenium...........200M cg

Folic Acid...........200M cg

By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia)