Five Steps or A Hundred Paces:
The Journey of Love, Intent and Healing

July 2004

KIRAEL: In the world as you have come to understand it, each and every one of you has arisen your light, bringing yourself to the most beautiful possibility that you could. No matter what level of consciousness you have attained, you now can recognize that through this great awareness of the Goddess Light—the light of love, the light of healing—everything has begun to shift on your planet. In simple terms, the Shift has begun.

For in that great shifting pattern that all of you have waited so very long to feel and see and be part of, you should now be able to actually feel it at a cellular level all the way up into your high ethereal lights of the higher self. But whatever level you have chosen to hear, to feel, to sense, know that on the day that this great awareness takes place—this beautiful energy that you call the Goddess Love, the Venus transit 1—is the very day that awakens you to the reality that love is what heals all that needs to be healed.

So let us talk today of this great adventure called healing. Let us talk as though we are in control of the entirety of our lives. What if, my friends, some over-mastermind 2 no longer controlled your every action? What if, my friends, every single time something was happening in your life, you could lean towards your own inward love and you could find the most beautiful expression inside of yourself to say, I AM THAT I AM in control, and by being in control of my life, I am no longer falling prey to the over-mastermind.

There are those who will rally against you, my friends. I tell you this from the very beginning. The more light with which you are infused, the more light that you express, the more the over-mastermind will doubt you, the more the over-mastermind will want nothing more than to slow you down because the over-mastermind depends on the doom and the gloom of all energies. It depends on you living in memory, living in the past, as opposed to living in the now. It depends on you holding yourself away from the light as opposed to the natural fact of you being the light. It waits for you to make a mistake, to err, to fall down, and then hopes that you won’t get up because everyone that falls and slips down to one knee or falls flat on their back, they are the ones that give the energy to what we call the over-mastermind or "the matrix."

But you see, every one of you that has been driven to a knee, everyone who will read this article that has been driven to a knee—whether they’ve lost a relationship or lost money, whether they found themselves in the world of illness or disease—every one of you that has been forced to take a knee, hear my words louder than you have ever heard them ever before. It is the likes of the guides, the angels, and the Creator Force itself that will help you back from your knee.

But we in the world of guidance will not go there until we are called upon. Still that rule remains in effect. The angels who would love to be in service, the guides who would give everything they have to be able to be part of your journey cannot move until you call out to them. You can’t call out to them in words all of the time. Sometimes you simply have to call out in your love, your passion.

The Freedom to Love and Be Loved

So what does this Venus transit with the Goddess energy involved in it mean? It means strength, my friends, strength beyond your wildest dreams. It means the ability to do things you have never done before. And hear me say this clearer than anything: Those who need healing this very day—those who need to be reached out to and have someone be of service to them—know that you will be the most proud and powerful healers soon. For it is now known that to truly heal has nothing to do with your method; it has to do with your intent, the energy which you can bring forth to love. And when you discover love, my friends, you will discover that Goddess Light inside of you.

As we speak this very day, the energy is permeating the Earth plane. Love is around you. It abounds. You can’t even begin to know how much of it is there. Will everyone awaken to it? (Oh, how lovely that would be, but will they?) No. Many will find themselves so trapped in the over-mastermind energy. They will find their illness has driven them to their knees, their relationship broken because they didn’t have the courage to stand up and take the step. Many will find their finances waning instead of growing at a time when everything points to success.

But I tell you this, my friends, no matter which one of those categories you might have found yourself in, if you found yourself on one knee or both knees, then I say to you that if you want to pick yourself up, start with me today. Start when you read this article and say to yourself, "I AM of the God Creator. I have the power within me to recognize love, and love will heal all. Love will heal my relationships. Love will heal my money. Love will heal my physical world. Love is the particles of light that can carry me into the highest of all high vibrations. I AM One in the Creator Force. I love this world. I love being part of it. I love the journey that I’ve just discovered, and now I love taking it to the level I wanted to go to. I am not part of the over-mastermind any longer. I have broken free of that. I now have the freedom to love and be loved. Did you hear me? Be loved.

"And so I open my heart with no more fears. I don’t care any more about those who say this can’t and that can’t and the other can’t. I AM what I AM and all can be, for I AM the Universal Light. I AM part of All That Is, and, therefore, I accept the love of whoever will give it to me. And whoever will give me love will be my healer, and they will make me the healer of all healers because we will find our journey filled with so much power, so much light, that no one can take us as a collective force into the over-mastermind. We are free this day because of the Venus transit and the Goddess Love that awakens within us. We are free to become who we have always thought we should be, for our intent takes us to that level. We will not be driven to our knees ever again."

For those who want relationships, reach stronger than you have ever reached. Clear your minds and use the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating3. Think about what that person looks like, what the relationship feels like, what it tastes like. Feel it inside of you, and then just watch it manifest before you.

Will the journey be five steps, will it be a hundred paces, will it be a thousand paces? I can’t tell you. There’s no knowing until you take the steps. But my God, my friends, listen: Don’t hesitate to take the steps because the love will carry you now. It will carry you to the most beautiful parts of anything that you want.

There are women waking up saying, "I don’t know much about the Venus transit. I don’t know much about the Goddess energy, but I know I am just not going to stand in this relationship anymore." So many men are getting out of their cars in the morning, going to their jobs full of the doldrums, and they are saying, "I am just not going to do this anymore."

Am I advocating quitting your job? No. I am advocating making your job what you want it to be. Don’t hold back. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t have. You don’t have money in your checking account? You don’t have money in your savings accounts? Create it, my friends. Again I can’t tell you—five steps, twenty steps, a thousand steps—all I know is that if you take the steps, you cannot miss. But you have to have the courage now.

Some time ago I brought onto this Earth plane a beautiful thing called the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. People are just now beginning to understand them. You say, "But, Master Kirael, they have been here for a long time." I say, "I know it." But just now because the Earth is shifting, the brain is shifting, and so the heart is shifting. And people are seeing the Principles with their heart for the very first time.

Oh, they read the words, they studied the words, and they did conferences over the words. But all of a sudden, sitting in the quiet of their abodes, the message pops into their hearts: I have got to be in truth. I have got to learn how to pray again. I have got to learn how to do the journey. And these Ten Principles, they are just a guide path for me to walk on. They put the stanchions up at the side so that I have something to hold on to when I feel weakened. When I see the glories of what I want to be and I don’t have the courage to go for it, I can reach out and lean on a Principle and it will get me there. My friends, I know it because the Principles are made in love, as am I.

Just close your eyes for the moment and say to yourself, "I AM of the Creator’s Light; therefore, I AM the most powerful energetic pattern that could possibly be. I have just forgotten, that’s all. And now I will remember. I will remember to do the journey. Five steps, twenty paces, a thousand paces—I will not falter. I will make the walk. And by God, when I am at the end of that walk, everything that I intended to be there is there, and I am enjoying every moment of it because it is just one step to the next walk, and I will find something new to challenge me there.

"I will not run out of challenges for the rest of my life, for the rest of my commitment to my Creator here on this Earth plane. I am committed, God Creator, every day, every hour and every minute of the hour thinking the positive thought of intent and what I am having my life to be."

That is what the Venus transit has opened up for you and all who have the courage to go for it. It’s up to you. On your knee or on your feet, go and begin the journey.

Intent and the Journey of Money

Now, when one wishes to understand intent, they only need to know what they want their life to look like. Yet, they need to know it on a level that they have never known it before because intent is the driving force that will help them down the path.

Some people have the intent to have money. They just want to have money. They don’t care how much it is; they just want to have it. And if you say to them, "So if you had $100,000, would you be pretty happy?" And they would say, "Yeah, I would be really happy." But then they do the mathematical calculation and say, "Well, it costs me $8,000 a month to live. So, with $100,000 I could live for about 12 months…. Oh, what will I do then?"

Boom! There goes the intent out the window because, you see, when you break it all down, money is nothing but a by-product of the love that you express into this world plane. People laugh at that. They get upset with that comment. But I am going to tell you something: Those who have money and abundances would agree with me. Those who don’t have it would disagree with me. You choose which side of the fence you want to be on.

Passion and Intent

Passion is the fire in your heart. It is that which makes you warm, it is that which gets you moving, it is that which you are drawn to.

Were you ever in a cold climate and somebody built a fire in the middle of a circle and everybody crowded around it? Yes, because it gave you warmth. And then you looked into it and it gave you strength. And it gave you this power to really get going and start to do something. Well, that is what we call passion.

The Goddess Pele4, for instance, in all of her love has a passion and a strength because of the fire within her. But most of all she has that desire to change everything, and that is what the human is supposed to be like. The human is supposed to have the fire to want the change. It is supposed to have that desire to make itself everything that it can. It is supposed to have the desire to be the best that it can be without any interference. And the only time interference will take place is when you don’t have the intent, when your intent falters. That is precisely when somebody from the over-mastermind can come in and shake your world.
And when your world is shaken it is not someone else’s fault. It is because your intent wasn’t strong enough to wield the power that comes with intent, and that means that you literally stopped remembering that you are part of the Creator. You lowered your shields and you let the over-mastermind take you. And when the over-mastermind takes you, it is up to you to get back on the path of your journey, the journey of what you want.

So believe me when I say this: When someone tries to put you down and you find yourself on one knee, I want you to kiss that person on the cheek the next moment you can because you should celebrate that person for showing you your weakness—not their strength, your weakness. Because with intent, no one puts you on your knee. With intent, you hold yourself in a position of power and nobody can drive you down.

But if you get driven down—hear my words—go to your greatest enemy who put you down, kiss him flush on the cheek and thank him for what he has just done because he has shown you one of the little weak places in your intent and in your reserve of love. And then you fix that little dent, you fill that hole they found for you, and you shore it up, and then you will be walking around kissing people on the cheek all day long.

Photon Energy and Keeping the Balance

Because the Goddess energy is awakening in the whole of the world, the whole of the world—not just spiritualists—is starting to feel something they’ve never felt before. The Venus transit simply added to it. It simply brought the energy to life again. That’s what the transit did.

When the Goddesses met on Venus so, so long ago, and they empowered Venus with their love, and then your sun swept across the surface of Venus and laid all that energy right on to your Earth plane, it awakened something inside that said, I must find my balance. I must remember that the Creator created this world with good and bad. I must remember that the Earth has been created by the Creator with happy and sad. I must remember that there are poor and rich. I must remember that there are sick and non-sick. I must remember all of that.

But if I am to survive anything on this planet, being part of the Creator’s force, I must realize that I stand in the center of all of it. And every time it shifts one way or the other, I rebalance it, I rebalance my world. When I start to fall towards one side or the other, I balance my world because if I stay balanced as the world opens up to this beautiful cosmic energy called the photon light, then I will learn to bring that energy into my focus. I will learn to make that part of my balance. I will learn how to interact with the system of my physical world when the photon energy is low and how to bring my emotions to a level of balance. I will learn how my mental body must stay focused on the center point and how my spirit simply holds me in all of that love.

And I will know that no matter what happens in the over-mastermind, the matrix, whatever you want to call it, when it takes a shot at us—We the People—and we feel as though we are heading down to that knee again…when some man says we’ve got to go to war, I will say, "You can go to war but you will not take my heart with you because I will look into my Goddess love and find out what it needs to be done, and I’ll hold it in the balance," and, by God, collectively enough of us will get together and we won’t have to go to the next war.

You do whatever you have to do today, my friends, but Goddess love is taking over because we are in love and we are going to find the answer through that love. And somebody is going to read this and spit because they don’t want to hear it. And when they do, kiss them on the cheek.

Healing Together in Love

Now, when you are amongst those who you fully trust, when you are amongst those who you know would lay down the entirety of their physical life for you because of the love they express, when you know you are amongst those who would open the whole of their emotions and show you everything that is inside of them, when you are amongst those who do not engage in mental jousting because you trust them so clearly, and when you are amongst those who have their spiritual awareness fully activated, then you are amongst love. Call it Goddess, yes, but call it love first.

And let me say this: That experience of trust and love shouldn’t just be on an evening or weekend with other spiritualists or lightworkers. It should be whoever you are, wherever you are, out there in the world. It should be the whole company that you work for. If you are working at McDonald’s (I sure pick on them a lot, don’t I?), you should be able to go there in the morning and hold hands and pray. But you can’t, can you? Because, you see, love isn’t part of your job. But you should be able to say everything that is in your beingness and you should be able to feel the safety around you because you know you would say it in love. And if you say it in love, nobody can get mad with you.

Trust, my friends. Trust those you can work with. Come to the point where you trust everyone to do exactly as they said they would do, without one excuse being tolerated. When they say, "I will go do this now," you just know they will, you don’t have to second-guess it. When they say to you, "I am going to be here at this time," you know they are going to be there because they said they would be there.

I pray that you can come to this greater clarity that your physical body is simply a vehicle—a vehicle to get you around this Third Dimension. That your emotions can be safe; you can cry, you can laugh, you can do it all when in it is all done in love. And your thoughts can be protected when those around you are thinking along the same lines: Let’s heal. And you know that your spirit is so woven into you that all you have to do is look at one of your fellow lightworkers to feel them weave into you.

Think Love, Think Healing

Whoever is reading this magazine (if this gets printed in a magazine somewhere), put the magazine down on your lap and look around at your surroundings. Are you extremely happy with what it looks like? Because it you are not, by God, go change it. Make it make you happy. It is your life to do what you want to do.

In the journey, my friends, when you think Goddess, when you think love, you think healing. And when you are thinking healing, you cannot fail. You can walk five paces, a hundred paces or a thousand paces, but no matter how many paces you walk, what you are looking for will be there at the end because you are Goddess, you are love, and you are of the Creator’s Light.

This is a time to fully awaken the need—and the desire—to love yourself enough to heal. And no matter what you have been told, no matter what knee you are down on, know that there is another lightworker somewhere around who is willing to pick you up. And when someone tries to put you down, when someone says something bad to you or about you, love that someone enough to show the love for yourself. Because in that light, my friends, you will be able to stand up from your knee and no one can drive you down. If you are standing in my light or the light of the Creator, if you are standing in the love of the Creator and you are using love as the very force to move you forward, then I say to you in the sincerity of my heart, you are healed.

Good evening.


Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling