Dental amalgams and petitions

As nearly all of us know, the dental amalgams are one of the major reasons for oxidizing stress in our body. Everything is confirmed in Paul Moller's letter, a Danish Biochemical. Moller explains the reason why he has been interested and went deeply into this subject, it has been caused by severe diseases contracted by some of his relatives. I know very well, thanks to the lipids chemistry the generation of free radicals caused by a very small amount of heavy metals. Amongst my relatives we have had cases of serious illness ( included a case multiple sclerosis ) due to amalgam poisoning, now healed following my ideas. So I study the subject in depth and I had come across a vast production of free radicals provoked by this metallic alloy, that causes as a result a strong oxidizing stress in whole organism. The bio-chemicals have demonstrated that chronic diseases are connected to an old and continuing oxidizing stress. These following diseases are this category:

- senile dementure
- Alzheimer1s disease
- Parkinson1s disease
- multiple sclerosis
- schyzofrenia
- fibromyalgia
- epilepsy
- migraines
- chronic fatigue syndrome
- cancer
- osteoporosis
- tinnitus
- cataracts
- some allergies
- asthma and psoriasis
- some rheumatic illnesses
- reduced sperm count

In addition to all of this the strong mercury tends to tie up with all the proteins that contain selenium and sulfur. The suspect of the link between the mercury and Alzheimer1s disease have had a strong confirmation from the fact that the axonis microtuboles deterioration in the brain due to the mercury is comparable to the one matched in the patient with Alzheimer1s, Parkinson1s and ALS. Besides the mercury reacts and creates Methyl Mercury, a substance able to pass through the protective barrier between blood and brain, placenta and mammary glands. As a result, an un aware mother passes this mixture to the fetus and to the baby via breast feeding.

The substance can kill the nervous cells and block, in certain cases, the normal brain development. It has been demonstrated that a defiance in the cerebral growth could lead to a mental delay. After all, the chemical reaction linked by the mercury accelerates the aging process.

Conclusion: The incidents for the degenerative sickness connected to the aging process and to the fact that people from the western society, loose their mental quickness as they age, it has to be imputed to the dental amalgams. The use of amalgams has to be considered a crime as well a the restriction of the free availability of substances, such as vitamins and minerals, that can put remedy to it. Apart from a slight minority of people that have understood the truth, how could the health authority and medical order be so ignorant.

The removal of amalgams from teeth and mercury from the body requires a very long process. In the meanwhile the patients should have at their disposition antioxidants ( in massive doses ) to fight the oxidizing stress. The vitamin E, carotene's, vitamin C and selenium have resulted in being the best substances.

By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia)