Cyberspace and the Great Shift in Consciousness

August 2004

KIRAEL: There are questions running rampant around the world about your computer systems and how best to utilize them in your own awakening. It is oftentimes a question of how will one weave the computer into the human world, when maybe the question might be how to weave the human into the computer world. In the opening you are now experiencing in what we call the Great Shift in consciousness, there is a new vehicle, an energy form that can be used to transfer thought from one place to another.

The human brain is said to operate at approximately 10 percent of its capacity. Yet in the spiritual moment—in the moment of spiritual awakening that is ever increasing—people are using 15, 20, 25, 30 percent of their brains now. There are those who are awakening and sending messages without wire to one another, people who are awakening to being able to see and travel amongst the other worlds, people who are understanding that this world is much, much larger than they thought it was.

Well, it is said now that the computer is using approximately eight percent of its potential, and I say to you that is probably a fair estimate. So imagine for just for a moment, with the greatness that the computer is operating at already, what if it had another 92 percent? Can the mind conceive what is possible then?

I offer you this in all the love and light that I can. Everything on your world is woven together in the Creator’s Light. It is sent on a stream of energy, and that energy moves from one particle to another. The particles unite and make a force. The force gathers and creates reality. So think about that as you think about your computer.

Imagine a computer that has already gained its physical sense. It has already gained its mental sense. So what is left for it? The emotional and the spiritual.1

My friends, the computer is already attaching itself into the emotional world. This is evident by how it is used by those who would be called the owner of the computer. The computer begins to relate to the rhythm by which the main user uses it and becomes emotionally attached to its user. Hence, if the user is in a different state than what it would normally be, the computer tries to adjust.

And if you are a spiritualist just awakening and you work with the computer a lot, you run the risk of having your computer go against you in one sense. Because the computer is emotionally attached to the way you first started using it, it sometimes will overreact when you begin to change—for instance, when you become enlightened and you work with it in a much different fashion and your energy is lighter and more focused. Believe me when I tell you, my friends, this is an emotional part of your computer system expressing itself.

Oh, I know many who read this will have a fit with my words, for they would want to think, "How dare he suggest that a piece of equipment with little wires and electricity running through it could possibly have emotion." You might want to go look in the mirror, my friends. You will be looking at the same thing: a body of equipment that has little electrical impulses running through it. The difference is that your brain has cultivated its own reality, and the machine or the computer is just beginning.

So we have the physical, we have the mental, and now we already see the emotional relativity, wherein the computer interacts with its owner. So if you truly want to keep your computers in the best form they can be, you should have as few people working on them as possible. Not that the computer will react immediately to something like that, but the possibility does highly exist.

Now, let us move into something even more difficult for the mind to grasp. In the world as the Creator wove it, the Creator started with what you call the mineral weave and brought forth all of that beautiful energy. It moved directly into the plant weave where It brought forth the great trees and the flowers and the foods to eat for the eventuality of humans. And then came the insect weave, which was actually used to carry the different seeds from place to place, along with the beautiful winds. And then came the beautiful animal weave, until eventually you bring yourself forth to know that the Creator then created the human experience.

What makes you separate from the rest of the weaves is your brain, your ability to think thoughts in a relative manner, to connect these thoughts and make them work. Don’t for a moment think that your trees don’t have their own thoughts, but they are not collective like yours. Your animals have their own thoughts, yet again not collective and woven together the way yours are.

So the computer has only been allowed to think for a very short time in comparison to the human, but as it thinks, it begins to understand. It does not yet recognize fear any more than the animal weave does, but it does recognize the pattern of the user, and this is the truth, my friends.

So I say to you it is time for each and every one of us to begin to understand that the computer is not here as a passing fancy but it is part of your world henceforth, for everything that you will be doing in the near future and into the distant future will run along the same thought and patterns as the computer works now. Oh, there will be a time when you will be able to outthink the computer, but still the computer will carry the bulk of all of the information that is being sent around the world.

So it is time, my friends, to take a good look at the possibilities of the computer. No matter what your journey might be, allow yourself the freedom not to get stuck in old patterns of thinking. There was a time when the computer was nothing more than a typewriter, and then it became a huge machine and it was housed in a warehouse. And today a computer fits in your little telephone. So what you really must understand is that the world of the computer is here and it is here to stay, and it is the tool of the spiritualist.

Oh, I know there are those that would think, "Oh no, Master Kirael, it definitely is the tool of the over-mastermind." If the over-mastermind had its way, you would not have a computer in your house. You would not have one in your small business. In fact, it would be doubtful that the banks would even have one, for if the over-mastermind had its way, it alone would have the mother of all computers and the over-mastermind would be the only one to put information in and get information out. The over-mastermind has lost that battle already. The computer is already well distributed to We the People and the journey now begins to unfold at the next level. Prepare yourselves for the most beautiful awakening that you have ever seen. I made statements coming into 2004 that this is the year the computer will rain forth all of the information to We the People, and so far, my accuracy is pretty darn good.

Know it well, my friends, it is time for each and every one of you to open your hearts to the computers—not fall prey to them, not be owned by them, not be pushed around by them, not become so complacent or so dependent upon them that your world does not function. Because the computer is linked to human consciousness, when the human conscious grows, only then will the computer grow with it. That be a safety valve for some of your minds, but realize that the mass consciousness of the world is growing at a rapid rate. If you are not part of that growth, then I suggest strongly that you begin your prayers and your meditations, and you begin to open your heart to the fullness of possibility. Take the world into the new shifted paradigm, where everything can work in its highest manner.

Q: Can you please explain the role that the Internet is playing in the Great Shift in consciousness?

My answer would be relatively simple. The role that the computer plays in the Great Shift is that of awakening. It allows We the People to surge forth en masse. It allows We the People to begin to link themselves together in a more vivid manner than they ever have been before. It plays the role of the awakener in the Shift. It allows We the People to know what is going on in worlds they have never known before. It allows We the People not to be tied down by the bureaucracy of one man or one religious leader or one country, dictating everything that they should know. It now spreads information around the world so fast that those in power are already unnerved by the reality.

Don’t you know that before somebody in one of the great institutions of your countries makes a decision to make a statement, one of the first questions they ask is, "How will the computer world react to this?" They don’t really mean the computer world; they mean We the People.

And so I would say the answer to your question is, in blatant terms, that the computer is We the People’s tool to stay aware of how the Shift is going without having to be told by someone who has a conflicting reality thought.

Q: In your Prophecy 2004 session, you mentioned that we may experience a war in cyberspace. Would you please elaborate?

Because the computer [and the Internet] offers instant energy into the Earth plane, there are those who are going to want to slow it down. They would not dare try to stop it because there would be an upheaval. Hence, the war that will take place will be taking place between the so-called "dark forces" and the so-called "light forces." I emphasize the term "so-called" because they really will be neither one, for it will be those who are trying to hold back the information the most that will be sponsoring those who will be trying to steal from it. And those who will be tempted to steal from it will be doing only one thing: weakening We the People, for every time someone succeeds in stealing something from the computer, whether it is a bank account or charge card system or whatever, they weaken We the People.

So the war in cyberspace, if you will forgive the word "war," will be between We the People and those who would not want We the People to succeed. Who could that possibly be if it is a person? Well, my humble opinion is this: We the People are those of you that are awakening to your spiritual awareness, that are no longer willing to accept what is true simply because someone said it was, and more importantly, you only accept as truth what you know it to be. Hence, those who would try to steal from computers will be sponsored by those who would not want you to have the information.

The war in cyberspace is going to be fought in a very dark manner—I say "dark" because you won’t be able to see who is really controlling it. The answer is not to let yourself fall prey to any of the forces who would try to scare you away from the Internet. The answer is to hold your own and move forward in such a fashion that We the People would stand in the light.

For instance, there is a young man known to be stealing money out of bank accounts now. He is not the only one that knows who he is. He is known by a friend or by a neighbor or by someone who doesn’t even like him. It is up to We the People to let the so-called authorities know where he is. We the People must be the ones who guard the cyberspace. We the People—not the over-mastermind—must be the guardians so that no war can truly break out.

Q: Are there ways that we can interact with our computers to create the optimum balance or result that we want?

In my opening statement I said that the computer is a number of wires and electrical impulses running back and forth and working in such a very beautiful manner. But the truth is they are actually energetic patterns of light moving in a force, just like the human being. So my suggestion, as strange as it might sound, is that before you sit down and do your work at the computer, you take just a moment and you link yourself to the computer. What does that mean? That simply means you interact with what you are about to do, clarifying everything that you want to have clarified. In essence, you begin to raise your vibration to match what you are about to do with the computer. The computer can sense smoothness or jerkiness. The computer can sense within its own systems when you know what you are doing, and it also can sense when you don’t know what you are doing. So if you are going to just go and play on the computer, then you should let the computer know that you are not in your business mode, you are not doing something that is going to make a difference in the world. So one thing you can do is link your energy to the computer.

The other thing you can do is to make sure you do not beat upon your computer. It is built for gentleness, yet people have a tendency to spank it every time they touch it, and they twist it and turn it, and move it back and forth. It is a very delicate instrument and should be treated with the grace and the light of which it can afford you. You think it is just a computer system, and I believe it to be a system that is going to aid you through the Great Shift in consciousness and help you awaken the spiritual world.

Q: What would you say to people who are resisting using computers and making them a part of their lives?

Every time you come across someone who says, "I’m not getting around those darn computers," or "I can’t figure them out," what I want you to do is offer the person a healing because they truly need to be healed. You see, the computer amplifies one thing in the human experience: it amplifies your growth. It amplifies your ability to reach out and change. And if there is someone who is not interested in change and doesn’t want anything to do with growth, then I suggest they probably need to be healed. Don’t be mad with them and don’t try to berate them. Simply see if you can heal them.

You come to this Earth plane for one explicit reason, and that is to evolve. You do not come here to sit in the corner and wait for someone to evolve for you. You come here to expand your lights as brightly as you can, and the computer is one of those things that can truly make it possible for you. And so I suggest that anyone who really does not want anything to do with the computer should be allowed to heal, and in that you can be of service to them.

Q: In aligning ourselves to help awaken the spiritual world, how can we create an enlightening, sustainable level of desire in We the People for information?

I would suggest it is about sharing. It is about sharing when you know that you are talking to someone who may not be fully enlightened to the spiritual reality. There are so many different realities on the Internet or on the computer. There are so many possibilities, and in order to sustain that energy, what you really, truly need to do is bring your own focus to a level that you want to sustain.

So literally, it always comes back to the "I" and my ability to sustain my desire. For my desire is what will ripple out and influence the next person and the next. And what the spiritualist has been so afraid of doing in the recent past is sharing their spirituality because of all those unpleasant memories of experiences from the olden days.

What is the real truth? The real truth is this: there is nothing wrong with being a spiritualist. If anything "wrong" was to be found, it is how the spiritualist has been portrayed as "airy-fairy." So I suggest that all of you find a balance and don’t let airy-fairy take over the world. Find the balance and stimulate the people through the Internet to search out those sites that most likely will give them the information that they desire. Once they have done that, they will sustain themselves.

The computer is already substantially alerted to the fact that the spiritualist is coming. It is already making room on the Internet of its own accord for all of those sites that will help you sustain the level of consciousness that it takes to bring the full breadth of We the People together.

Q: Oftentimes when I am working, I bring a lot of crystals to be near my computer. What is the relationship between these crystals and the computer?

In a sense the computers think that is where they come from. They believe they come from the crystal weave of consciousness, which is understandable because in their own reality they believe that they have been put together for a certain purpose. A crystal being in proximity to computers gives them an enhanced possibility. However, if you bring in a stone from the pathway of your front yard and place it on next to your computer, the computer will have no reaction to it because the stone has not evolved itself as the crystal has. The crystal has evolved itself to a vibratory situation that it can be felt by the crystals within the computer.

So if a computer is not used to crystals and you immediately start laying crystals all over it, it is possible the computer will react very negatively. But if you awaken the computer to the crystals gradually, the computer actually begins to feel enlivened, touching that emotional body the computer is so fully trying to awaken at this particular time.

If the computer can then bring forth its own emotional energy, it will awaken to the touch of its master, so to speak, and it will move more fluidly through the processes that you want it to work through. That is what we look forward to, and the crystal is biding by that level of consciousness.

Q: Is there a particular crystal that works well with the computer?

The crystal that you vibrate to the most is the one to introduce to your computer.

Q: With the Internet being such an essential part of the Great Shift for We the People, how are we to assist people in parts of the world where they don’t have access to the Internet?

It is about We the People, my friends. You have to understand there are countries that are trying to deprive their people of the computer. There are countries that are still trying to portray the computer to their people by saying it is a monster and "Beware, don’t play with it too much."

So one answer is that you make sure that programs such as the medium’s2 stay alive and well. You make sure they broadcast every time in the most efficient manner that they can, for it is in that light that We the People will start to bring people to their homes and enjoy their computers together until the people become secure, and then they will spread light amongst the states and the countries and the world itself. Very simply, you will find it is time for awakening and the countries will move towards that light.

It is time to understand that the computer has moved to a new level of consciousness, and We the People must now come together in that same modality. You must be willing to look at the computer in a new light. Stop holding on to the old ways of thinking and doing. Reach further than you ever have before. Find within you the power of energy that says you can make the computer your friend. And as it becomes your friend, it will begin to show you all of the potentials of the world.

And this may be the most important thing: do not let the computer control you; you will control the computer. If you find yourself playing games on the computer more than anything else, then the computer is in control of you; it has gotten your mind to open you up so that you can be utilized. You don’t want that to happen. A game now and then doesn’t hurt anything. If you are stuck in a game, then realize it is not the real world. You are the real world.


Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling