Free Breathing for Vitality, health, Inner Peace and Well-being

August 21 2002

How well are you breathing?

· I feel tired and lethargic for no apparent reason.
· I donít sleep well at night.
· Small things get me easily irritated.
· I often feel out of breath.
· I feel tense and ill-at-ease with others at home or work.
· I have difficulty in shaking off colds and other common ailments.
· I often feel depressed and anxious.
· I often just want to close myself off from the world,curl up and go to sleep.
· I feel life is a battle and I have to fight for survival.
· I canít seem to resolve emotional conflicts easily.
· I am often confused and canít decide what to do.
· I donít feel motivated or creative enough.
· Iím afraid to say what I really think and feel.
· I have difficulty in giving to myself. I exist only to serve others.
· I have difficulty in letting go of control and trusting myself.
· I donít have totally satisfying sexual relationships.
· I often feel that my relationships with others is a drain on my energy.

If any of the above statements is true for you, you should consider taking some lessons in the breathing techniques of Transformational Breathwork and Rebirthing.


We take vital energy into our bodies by breathing. The more we breathe deeply and freely, the more life energy we have at our disposal. Our habitual breathing patterns reflect everything about us that we have learnt since we first started breathing at birth until the present moment. Tiredness, depression, anxiety and a poor immune system are symptoms of inadequate breathing. We actually have an unlimited amount of vital energy available. How much we take in and use depends on how much we open up to breathing more deeply. Most people use only about 10% of their full breathing potential.


The western worldís concept of health is often simply the absence of illness, not the idea of full aliveness and total well-being. By taking more oxygen into the body in a relaxed, deep, conscious breathing rhythm, we can strengthen the blood and immune defence system, bring more oxygen to the brain and balance and improve our metabolic system. Breathing also has a direct effect on the functioning of the endocrine system, the physical bodyís gateway to the higher frequency energy bodies which affect our emotions and mental states.

Transformational Breathwork and Rebirthing

· Simple, easy-to-learn techniques of conscious breathing
· Immediate release of stress and tension
· Increased health and vitality
· Efficient management of stressful situations and emotional conflicts
· Greater clarity of mind, strength of purpose and creativity

Balancing the whole energy system of the body Learning to breathe consciously and more effectively is the key to living your life more fully and creatively with inner peace and joy.

By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia)