AIDS no more

by Dr. Leo Rebello
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Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs in short) offer no cure for AIDS. US federal health authorities which earlier supported David Ho's "hit hard and early" to control "AIDS epidemic" argument, now realize that it was a hoax, and play a different tune. Because, the toxic effects of ARVs include nerve damage, weakened bones, unusual accumulation of fat in the neck and abdomen and drug-induced diabetes. Many people have developed dangerously high levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, raising concern that HIV positive persons might face another epidemic of heart disease.

Studies show that the drug cocktail does not destroy the HIV virus, but instead weakens body's immunity. Now some independent scientists are veering round to believe that attacking the virus (HIV) will not deal with the underlying causes of immune suppression. AIDS is the consequence of a suppressed immune system which has been subjected to repeated onslaughts by four factors that build up toxins and deficiencies in the body. These are: antibiotic abuse, recreational drug abuse, anal sex (which causes toxic shock to the receiving partner) and nutritional stress.

Realization is also slowly but surely dawning that the damage caused by the stressed immune system could be reversed by good diet, yogic and other exercises, herbs available readily, acupuncture, homoeopathy, proper rest, avoidance of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, proper hygiene, etc. In other words, a person is to be treated as a whole : body, mind and spirit.

Over the years, it has also become obvious that only gay community and those indulging in substance abuse, progressed towards full-blown AIDS. In other words, what I have said in my book Aids and Alternative Medicine, and what many other Holistic Healers have been saying is now being accepted; that the repeated assaults on the body's immune system by the build-up of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, coupled with unnatural living, lead to AIDS. And with that the wisdom is dawning that the damage could be reversed without drugs. This new dimension puts to doubt the accepted belief that a virus, HIV, is responsible for causing AIDS.

The HIV tests, per se, are being questioned. These tests, we have always maintained, were of dubious merit. Now, after twenty years and ruining prescious lives of young people by creating Aids Scare, it is slowly dawning on the authorities that indiscriminate HIV tests have played havoc with people's lives. Consequently, HIV test is no longer mandatory in many parts of the world. But ignorance once rooted, takes time to be uprooted. Many private hospitals in Bombay still insist on a routine HIV test before admission.

There is enough to show that the HIV tests, Elisa and Western Blot, can show false results when there is cross-reactivity with a host of viral and bacterial species. At least 70 different conditions like influenza, herpes simplex, hepatitis, all mycobacterium bacterial species (including leprosy and tuberculosis), malaria, malnutrition and even in pregnancy, a person may be tested positive and falsely labelled as such, ruining his life and that of his family.

The fact that the HIV test is not specific for the detection of the virus is clearly stated in the literature accompanying the Elisa test kits (from Abbott Laboratories, for instance). In the light of this evidence questions arise about whether bombarding the virus does any good to the body.
Overwhelming research evidence from the fields of AIDS, cancer and heart disease, points to the dramatic difference in disease prevention, made through access to right nutrition, exercise and changed lifestyle.

Africa is cited as the example of a continent in the throes of AIDS. Health historians say that AIDS here, is a consequence of the depletion of the body's nutrition pool over generations, and the destruction of the immune system. As sub-Saharan Africa plunged deeper into the cycle of poverty, malnutrition and civil war, it also suffered epidemics of Ebola, Marburg or Lhassa fever that stayed with them for decades. AIDS, they say, is the logical conclusion of this onslaught. The deepening economic crisis of India's poor, likewise, will see more people testing 'HIV positive' because of their depleting nutrition status, stress and compromised immunity.

This implies that the poor 'AIDS Victims' of the world, as a whole need more than condoms, sex education and a cocktail therapy of questionable value and we need to look at our age-old Holistic Healing modalities, which are safer, cheaper, faster and more reliable than the lethal cocktails. The only cocktail that I drink and prescribe is the fruit juice cocktail. (Lest you misunderstand, I am not HIV positive. But I am positive that HIV does not cause AIDS).

By Claudio Capozza MBBS (Italy), Naturopathic Doctor (Australia) &