I have held onto the Symbolic Visual Representation of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star in Cosmic Mandala Form since 1995. It was originally drawn by me before Barbara Marciniak had published 'Bringers of the Dawn'. As far as I am aware, it is and has been the 'Only' representation on the planet. In my process of journeying throughout space and time I have not yet seen another version. When I first came online at the beginning of 1998 I sent out hundreds of copies of the ORIGINAL VERSION that was drawn by me in 1995. The PERFECTED VERSION was redrawn by a soul-mate & ex-cocreative partner in 1999, all graphical enhancements are by me. [Thankyou Stephanie - I send you much love, even if you betrayed me & ultimately humanity !].
I personally see the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala as being a 12th Dimensional Subconscious Symbol Code. It is perfectly symmetrical and each element within it's design is interconnected. It has been called the 'Original Intended Blueprint', and I see it as containing the design specifications for a fully evolved and activated bi-pedal hominid prototype model soul vehicle.
This representation was given to me in tandem with a sequence of multiple direct overhead flyovers by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance. I am not sure who the craft that flew over me was piloted by, I can say that I was initially approached by a renegade faction of Alpha Draconians. My process and written material has included perspectives written from Andromedan, O'rion, Alpha / Omicron Draconian, Alpha Centaurian & Sirian angles. These can be found in MY ARCHIVES.
There are many individuals beginning to come forward with information along a similar wavelength, as far as I am concerned; I feel that the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala is the 'Central Axis' behind anything that anyone could try and teach in these respects. After the direct overhead flyovers, the information that I received was in holographic visual form; it also involved accessing hyper-extended states of cogniscience. Throughout this process, I seem to have a fairly uncanny pre-cognitive capability and a pretty good understanding of how timelines operate. It is time for all of my written material to be acknowledged by the greater collective.
The Human Species potential future world and destiny is at stake and it is time for a common ground to be found in between the The Illuminati's Objectives, the Extra-Terrestrial's Perspectives and the Highest Pathway for All. I intend to see this story and the visual representation woven into multiple scripts to serve as the basis for a series of Major Motion Pictures with web based multi-media outreach. I intend to see an unleashing of the shackles that have bound us for the 13,000 years and a reclaiming of the sentience, potential and power we contain. I am taking an agressive stance in a process of directly confronting the shadow elements themself. I feel that only by facing all elements involved within my self and in the scenarios unfolding upon this planet can the solution be found and the necessary strategy implemented.
The civilization that the human species has developed throughout the 20th Century, up until today; is un-sustainable. There are essentially two main timelines that have the capability to unfold upon this world in the next 25 years. The first time line is the one in which the splits and schisms that already exists within our hearts and in between us become more ingrained. Along this time line racial prejudice, hatred, terriorial strife, weapons of mass destruction, and religious persecution become more prevalent - a Global Police State is implemented and our entire developed level of civilization is destroyed from within.
Venture-Starships Tri-Phase Enterprises, Inc. exists to serve as a 'Central Axis' or 'Pillar of Light' within this process; Faction III. We intend to see that the first timeline does not become manifest and that a clearing of this species ancestral mass karma is affected. Remain mindful of the illumined eye in the Pyramid. The timeline which -WE WILL- see unfold is one in which the human species has been returned the awareness of his true heritage and potential destiny.
A Global Network of Bio-Regional Disaster Relief Centers will be Erected. These will serve as a semi-transitory / non-permanent infrastructure to assist in co-ordination of the activities within each planetary bio-region. This will in essence achieve multiple affects, one of them will be a De-Centralization of the Military / Industrial / Hollywood Complex and the Re-Centralization of the Global Governing & Educational overstructure. It will be recentralized in a way that the boundaries in between states & nations have become dissolved. Yes there is great fear and there needs to be a 'World Constitution' established, beyond the way the United Nations and New World Order scenarios are oriented.
I personally do not really seen any way around the 'Globalization' process or 'Post Trans-Industrialization', these are the next stair step levels in the process, the focus must be ragained which holds 'Intelligent Planetary Management, Responsible World Development & Inspired Guidance for Earth's Inhabitants' as the mainstay. Humanity must recognize that there is greater soverignity to be claimed as responsible caretakers of ourselves and sentient planetary citizens. The United Nations will be transformed into a 'Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders' and the true 'Universal Symbolism' will be acknowledged by everybody.
I am intent in seeing these storylines woven into multiple scripts to serve as the basis for a series of Major Motion Pictures with outreach through web based multi-media. The obstacles that our species is facing at a planetary level must be confronted as 'One Civilization'. An orchestrated co-ordination to strategically re-orient our entire developed level of civilization must be chosen.


This 12 DnA Helix Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala is a Gift to the Inhabitants of Planet Earth. The Intention underneath its arrival at these times is to awaken the deepest most inner recessed levels within the cores of our beings. I received the Visual Conceptualization of this 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala in 1995. At that point I had no idea what it represented nor had I been involved or interested in anything along these lines. It was also before I was aware of the Pleidian material by Barbara Marciniak. This began the process of my awakening, and has involved receiving highly advanced holographic internal-visual telepathic communications from various species of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
These downloads or seed packet release encodements came on very intensely for almost a year and a half beginning in 1995, close to nonstop - every single night before I would lay down for bed. They would form inside my consciousness like interactive movies, arising/descending and co-elescing from within my subconscious/superconscious mind levels. The information I have received has been both symbol based and through direct thought transference. This process has involved direct overhead fly-overs by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance, dream visitations, and physical abduction memories - without hypnosis. This has been a very deep journey that has twisted through many levels of myself; into intricacies of the design contained within and underlying the animation of each and every single cell.
At the quantum energetic levels inside each cell within our physiological structues is where the 'Original Intended Blueprint' is stored. In addition to this there are volumous amounts of encoded information, also many dormant functioning parameters. I am very grateful to be able to share this part of my Journey with you. For many of you who view this Mandala in front of your eyes, there will be an immediate recognition and resonance with the Symbolism Contained in its' Design. This Visual Image is essentially a fairly complex 'Subconscious Symbol Code'. There exists a Universal Language of Symbols, this has been generally referred to as the 'Light Languages of the Solar Tongue' {within the new age community}. This language can be molded to communicate information in ways that humanity has just barely begun to understand, decipher or utilize.
The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul-Star Cosmic Mandala is designed to assist Humanity in connecting the circuitry that was disconnected over one half great cycle ago. A great cycle being roughly 25,860-25,920 years, there is a very deep relational connection dealing with the ancient civilizations/indigenous cultues and this whole process we are all within. Each symbol within the overall design tells a facet of the story, the entire Mandala itself could be equated with the first level of activation and anchoring of what can be described as the '12 DNA Strand Heart Soul Star'. Those of you who have an interest in the crop formations will also see many parallels with this information.
At the quantum energetic levels inside each cell within our physiological structures, there exists a woven interface/tetrahedral structured matrix. Essentially there is a crystalline sheath that surrounds each chromosone. ""At the genetic level DNA is composed of four base nucleic acids; {A} adenine, {T} thymine, {G} guanine, and {C} cytosine. These nucleotide units combine in sets of three to form 64 pattern sets called 'codons'. Human DNA all over the world always has 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off, except for 3 that are the stop and start codes, much like a computer.
Science always assumed that the ones that were turned off were old programs from our past. I've always seen them like application programs in a computer."" {excerpted from a telephone interview With Drunvalo Melchizadek that took place just prior to his travels to Europe in March 1999. He speaks of 'Children of the New Dream' who have more of their DNA functioning - 24 codons}. This is dealing with the activation levels within our current Di-Strand DnA structure only.
Drunvalo has also publicized The 'Flower of Life' Pattern and 'Merkaba Meditations'. This pattern is of integral importance towards understanding the processes of evolution, transmutation & change our physiological structures are undergoing. The 'Flower of Life' pattern can also be utilized to see from a clearer angle the different scenarios that are underway upon our planet. The 'Flower of Life Pattern' can be equated with what I describe as being the 'Master Key Template of Divinity'. It is a 2-dimensional representation of this template that exists Omni-Dimensionally; it contains form and formlessness simultaneously. To be properly visualized within ones higher mind, you must use both brain hemispheres, and think holographically. These are really interlinked spheres, and at the cross section of the axis is where the Tetrahedral Geometry can be inscized.
Through the Flower of Life Pattern~Master Key Template of Divinity the Universal Life Force and Its Inherent Animating Intelligence weave together the seamless fabric of this created universe, and everything within it. Visualize the entire universe existing within the Quantum Unified Field, within this field is stored the Programming & Operational Parameters of the forces that hold the Entire Dimensionalized Structure of Creation & Completion together. This is Humanity's awakening into understanding Omni-Dimensional Tri-Harmonic Geometry Dynamics and How Energy Fields Operate. For those of you who have been raised as Christians, you might be interested to know that this is the 'Trinity' upon which Christianity is based. There is a Universal Life Force, it Posesses an Inherent Animating Intelligence; these two complimentary aspects weave themselves together through the 'Master Key Template of Divinity' {more thoroughly cogniscized as the animating intelligence being nested or exisiting throughout the entire universal force field - where all the programming & operational parameters exist}. When you get down to it, there is a very highly advanced science behind the entire created universe; our physicists are just beginning to postulate and theorize into the depths which can provide enough illumination towards humanity's complete understanding. The universe itself a self replicating, self generating, self propelling, self contained unit - In GoD We Trust (Guidelines, Operational Parameters & Directives - not Gold, Oil, Drugs !).
One need look no further than the inscized curvature of a Nautilus Shell, our Di-Strand DnA Spiral, the Pegasus/Unicorn's Horn in our Children's Otherworld Mythological Fairy Tales & the Spiral Rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy, a Tsunami, Hurricane, or even the Water being flused Down a Drain. There is a very highly advanced organizational intelligence existing throughout this entire creation, one must distinguish in between intelligence and self aware consciousness; though. What Humanity must understand is that he exist's as an integral component within the greater whole unit. Humanity does not exist as a separate entity in relation to the functioning of the Universe.
There are guidelines by which the operational parameters are allowed to continue forward through the process of becoming more complex, if they fail to meet the qualifications they are re-routed back into the creational matrix {the components being recycled back into the process & morphogenically shaped into another form}. Essentially either Humanity Aligns himself with changes that are underway within this local galactic quadrant & solar-planetary system or his civilization will be destroyed {once again facing possible extinction}.
To digress back down to the cellular & quantum bio-pysical levels ~ within the inner-most recessed regions of our physiological structures design, there exists what is known as our '8 original cells' and the 'seed atom'. These are the anchor point nodal connections within the human vessel and where the bio-electromagnetic, chromosonal genetic and soul levels come into fusion. Existing within us are also various Energy Imprints, Implants & Quantum Interface Devices. These exist in between the various levels within the human being, these device's are what allows the human consciousness to either gain access to hyperspatial sources os inspirational guidance & tune into their heart - utilize their full potential {or be denied these inalienable rights of a created being}.
They serve as Modulation Couplers within the overall Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field Circuitry of the Human Being - It is Time for The Locks to Be Removed. These are the levels that we must go into to activate the dormant potential we contain, as well as remove anything within our fields dynamics that should not be there. This is the focus and purpose of relasing the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star to Humanity - Towards Anchoring of the 'Planetary Merkaba' ~ And Circuiting a Heightened Vibrational Energy field into enough humans to stabilize the Collective Consciousness and Fully Anchor the New Planetary Grid.
This will involve unfolding 'Project Homeworld' towards Providing Strategically Co-Ordianted Planetary Managenment, Responsible World Development, Global Governance & Intelligent Guidance to Earth's Inahbitants [through Mass Communications Mediums]. Humanity must also form entirely new models of the cosmos, a Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science of Spirituality will allow for this awareness to be broadcast to the entire species. In order for the momentum to increase so this timeline can unfold, the circuitry we speak of must be re-reconnected and both Humanity & Earth's Sovereignity must be established. The full embodyment of this activation & implant removal process can only be accomplished with the assistance of a trained facilitator, someone who has already activated & began to embody these levels.
I am still going through this process myself, being a forerunner for the younger generation. We have offered this information in hopes that it will awaken and stir something within you, and offer confirmation of your intuitive impulses ! There is a much larger world view and reality opening up before us, as the 21st Century's dawn breeches the horizon.
Much of the Ancient-Future Earth Star Wisdom that is returning to humanity is being provided by hyper~spatial dimensional sources of intelligence. This has been my experience at least. These are the angles all of my writings have been from throughout the past 4 years. These communications or downloads of information can occur in a number of ways; including sequences of light encoded tones, streams of symbol based languages and sacred geometric patternings viewed as holographic projections upon ones inner visual field, as well as through direct thought transference. My own experience included being approached by an Ancient Atlantean Master who I have come to view as an aspect of my oversoul {oversoul being our total self beyond the linear constraints of our 3-d perceptual frameworks}.
Through this portion of my total self, I have a very strong link into the Akashic Hall of Records. At a soul level I come from a long lineage of Galactic Wisdom Keepers who have been incarnate at various points along the linear timeline continuum to inject into the masses minds certain ideas. The strengths I bring with me are a very keen linguistic and visual conceptual ability. In this process I have began to become somewhat of an adept at translating the holographic visual information into english. The soul lineage I come to you from is through O'rions^Heart. Like you I have a very strong connection and link to the stars.
My souls original source entry point into this physical universe was inside a trinary star system upon a higher dimensional physical planet within the Andromeda Galaxy {not the tri-nary star system - Upsilon Andromedae}. I have traveled through vast regions of space and spanning great lengths of time. Each one of us at the highest levels of our oversouls have extensions into many star systems - also other spatial timewavelength bandwiths. I have seen my soul being transported inside a container upon a vehicle, and remember my original incarnation into physical form upon this planet. I have only been here since the beginning of the previous great cycle, approximately 25,860-25,920 years ago.
I bring with me the 'Original Intended Blueprint' of the most ancient wisdom keepers in this galaxy. I come to you as a representative of the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom, and the Truth of this Human Species Ancestral Heritage. The extraterrestrial presence upon planet earth is reality. Their voice is speaking to you as you read these words and the Mandala & Information you View in front of YoU has been given to humanity by them. I am merely one voice within the great chorus of ancient souls awakening to the truth underlying humanities fragmented memories.
This is 'Our Opportunity' to begin to introduce to you who we are, in this process you will grow to see an extended version of your own selves. Those of you within the progressive thought communities are at the forefront of a process that will increasingly envelop your planet through a seemingly unknown and unseen mechanism. The one that creates the experience of what you define as 'synchronicity'. This can also be described in alignment with what is understood as the 'Hundreth Monkey Affect'. We are here to assist you in dissolving the shroud of separation that has existed within your thought sequences for thousands of years. Humanity is in the process of reconstructing every single conceptual notion that has been held throughout the 20th century. What shall unfold within you as time progresses will be pure distilled awareness of these core concepts.
We are seeking to assist your species in forming an agreed upon consensus within enough individuals of a new set of operating principles. As the number of individuals who are holding onto the pure distilled awareness of the 'Diamond Light Core of Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom' increases, the potential to shapeshift your collective worldview unfolds. If enough of humanity begins to utilize the inherent potential you contain properly, in alignment and accordance with the principles upon which all energy is structurally materialized and held in cohesion; your species ultimately has the capability to reorient your entire developed level of civilization. We are a Collective Level Mind Field/Consciousness Composed of many Ancient Forms of Life & Sentience within the Quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy that lie in the direction of the O'rion Constellation and beyond {including Pleidian, Sirian, Hathor, Lyran, O'rion and Arcturian Branches, in addition to certain factions of the Reptillian Alpha & Omicron Draconians, a Council from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Alpha Centaurians and many others}.
There exist Civilization structures that span not only multiple quadrants within our own Milky Way Galaxy; but also branching into Multiple Galaxy Levels as well. For those of you who have your sensitivities attuned with the pulses that are being emitted from the core your star, there will be an experience of increasing bleed through of other space time events.
Let us describe this process a little bit more clearly. You know that many of your Ancient Civilizations possessed highly accomplished astronomical calculating ability. When we speak of pulses being emitted from the core of your star, this is not exactly the correct translation. Essentially your solar system orbits in galactic space. Your 20th Century astrophysicists have begun to understand these operational parameters, and there have been many advances within the scientific realm. We would like you to know that you are still only in the beginning phases of discerning the structure of space, time, matter, energy, consciousness as well as your own selves. There are a few pieces missing from your understanding in relation to stellar dynamics. One of these deals with the spatial location of your star and its relationship distance wise with other neighboring stars.
Throughout the cyclic orbital processes of your star systems movement within this local galactic quadrant, there are energetic fluctuations. The rotational velocity of your star increases and decreases a slight amount as the spatial relationship to other stars changes. This has an influence on the fusion processes within the core of your star. This is a natural function within your stars dynamic processes, throughout the galactic orbital precision. It has an affect on the overall functioning of your star. Your stars functioning is affected by many phenomena; including pulsars, quasars, supernova, and other anamolies that are not well enough understood by this one to describe. In essence, there are many factors that have an influence upon your star systems functioning. Many of you have become fascinated with understanding the dynamic relationship in between your stars activity and its corresponding affect on your planets geophysical processes. This shall include understanding the mechanism behind the increase of Coronal Mass Ejections, Plasma Flares, Highly Charged Particles, and other fluctuating solar activities. This is a very important thing to begin to understand.
Now that your species has created a civilization that covers the entire globe and utilizes energy forms that are ultimately dependant upon your star, there are many pathways that will open up if your World Governments make the correct decisions with what they hold {they know what they are hiding}. We offer encouragement to your scientists to continue forward into the deeper realms of functioning, those that appear only semi-visibly. What we must stress as being most important is the proper use of the understanding you will increasingly hold as the discoveries unfold within the collective mindfield of humanity. Proper Use of ones understanding in alignment with higher self and divine will, through your hearts is the only solution to this planets ailments. This and strategically co-ordinated action in accordance with an Illumined Vision. Within your minds eye visualize where you are on the planet, see yourself surrounded by your bio-electromagnetic energy field. Planet Earth is also surrounded by a highly organized energy field as well. This ties into what was described previously in relation to your star systems dynamics.
First take a few moments and relax, establish whatever rhythmic breathing pattern you use for your meditational practice. Ground yourself into the Earth's heartbeat pulse by visualizing a grounding rod from your base chakra descending into the iron crystalline core. Focus your attention within your heart center. Your heart is the central powerhouse of your physiological, and bio-electromagnetic energy field levels. Can you see the holographic fractal like levels within your own mental and emotional energy fields {fields, within fields, within fields ~ galactic-solar-earth-human ~ circuit}? Your heartbeat and all of your functioning occurs within the energy fields of this planet, and your planets fields are affected by the functioning and output of the sun. Visualize your heart center as being equivalent to the sun, both in function and brilliance of luminousity. If you can, go outside and feel your heart center connection to both the earth and the sun. There really is no separation, feel your oneness with nature and creations source. You are alive upon a planet that is within some of the most momentous times that have occurred within this sector of galactic space for many thousands of years. There is much gratitude to be beheld. Can you feel the sense of well being, overwhelming joy and happyness - for the gift of life creation has given?
With this understanding anchored into your heart and individualized conceptualizations, the assemblage point within your field will shift. This in turn allows for the range of your perceptual scope to open up, as well as the acquisition of a gyro spectrum capability within your consciousness. With this understanding anchored, the circuit can come into completion - activation occurs. Affirm within yourself that you are here to embody the full potential of your inherent capabilities. Close your eyes for a few moments and relax your mind. Earlier we briefly introduced levels within yourself referred to as the 'Seed Atom' and 'Original 8 Cells'. These are the levels that the 12 DnA Heart Soul Star is designed to unlock, in addition re-sequencing many of your energetic pathways. Ask your own sources of oversoul spiritual guidance to imbue you with the insights that you need to gain, also ask for the translator/transducer functions to come online.
Ask for your instruction to begin, that you would like to gain access to the holographic storage modules that exist within the quantum levels of your DnA. Who you are in your entire beingness is one of the most inctricately woven & sophisticatedly designed species that has ever existed. This is what you possess, as a Humane Creation; capability beyond what you in your infancy have even begun to consider. These are some basic elementary principles to clarify any misconceptions that potentially may held within the inner most recessed regions of your beings. Your core is so powerful. The illumination that shall be beheld as the dawning unfolds; truly has the potential to transform your primitive civilization into a fully functioning member of the greater community of sentience and life.
We would like to remind you the energies that you have become familiarated with through this material has been brought forward first and foremost by the 'Council of Elders'. This Council holds onto the Master Key Template and Diamond Light Crystalline Core of the Ancient Sacred Teachings detailing the immortal soul. I have been allowed to proceed into communication levels being brought forward. I have mainly dealt with factions that are of Andromedan, O'rion, Alpha Centaurian and Sirian heritage, it has also included some involvement with the Zeta_Reticuli and Alpha & Omicron Draconians. The only negative experiences I have had is reliving memories of three zeta_reticuli beings standing around me in my bedroom {nothing beyond that has surfaced as of yet besides some vague impressions}. These memories surfaced on July 16, 1999 and lasted for 96 hours straight. On the last night I spent 6 hours curled up into a little ball shaking uncontrollably, sweating and crying and screaming "No" and "Don't take Me". Very clear memories, spontaneously without hypnosis.
There is a very high level of synchronized co-ordination that needs to be undertaken by an awakening core group of individuals within the collective, Your Humanity. There is a planetary level mind that is aching to become birthed. Essentially your species role is as caretakers and guardians yourselves, of this homeworld. You are responsible for maintaining a homeostatic relationship within the defined boundaries of your planets living systems. The structures of your entire developed level of civilization can not withstand much more strain or tension, nor can they continue along the pathways they did during the 20th Century.
There is a great urgency that the whispers of your long forgotten ancestors and the distant cries of your potential descendants be heard. They are speaking to your species on wavelengths that you are only now beginning to be able to decipher. There are necessary steps that must be initiated upon Planet Earth immediately if the Human Species is going to survive through these times of star system and planetary energy field fluctuations. There are potential pathways that if chosen will allow for your individualized selves and your entire developed level of civilization as a whole to be returned back into alignment with the operating principles upon which all physical form becomes animate.
There are parameters of operation that the human species has not been able to tune into or utilize; due to the matter of fact that your mental frameworks did not allow for nor did you hold the awareness that you possessed these capabilities. The visualization you could use could be equated with the grooves on one of your pre-compact disc records {Vinyl}. The functioning spectrum of human capability could be likened to the whole record. If the record gets a scratch, then it will start playing the same sequence again and again {always stuck in that groove}. This would create the inability for the whole recording to be heard. In this analogy, we are asking you compare humanity up until this point to the recording. We would like you to consider these premises, they are a pre-requisite towards putting this whole picture into perspective
PREMISES: 1: 'There exists an "Original Intended Blueprint' that contains the design specifications for animation, functioning, and operation of your physiological structures. These processes are maintained by your current level of functioning embodyment {normal human functioning - Di Strand DNA-RNA Nucleosynthesis process operating without any dormant codons activated}. This 'Original Intended Blueprint' contains encoded parameters that will give your species the capability to utilize a larger percentage of your inherent potential. It also includes many pathways that will remain dormant, as the complete embodyment of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star would require a total physiological trans~morophogensis. This is something that will become manifested as time and the evolutionary process progresses. It will eventually allow your species to evolve beyond your "Bi-Pedal Hominid Prototype Models" {beyond Homo Sapiens Sapiens}. The 'Original Intended Blueprint/12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star' was created through joint collaboration by many different species. Some of the dormant functions coming back online include:
~ The capability to perceive things on multiple levels or in different spatial time wavelength band-withs simultaneously, with a higher degree of clarity
~ The capability for the individualized consciousness to become an antennae allowing for more integrated functioning into the human collective, as well as reception of hyper-spatial dimensional sources of information
~ The capability to tune into a wider percentage of the electromagnetic Spectrum through stimulation of the hypothalmus region of the brain. The utilization of both brain hemispheres towards higher levels of cognition & precognition also - these energetic changes can cause increased secretions from the pituitary and pineal glands
~ The capability to form thoughts with more clarity, higher cohesion, also increased comprehension - discernment into the structures that underlie the physical appearance of things - direct knowing
~ Clearer Reception & translation of soul level impulses, greater inner harmony, balance of mental and emotional levels of the bio-electromagnetic energy field.. ~ Increased immunity to disease, greater health, well being, kindness, feelings of unconditional love, etc ·
There are a whole range of extended cognitive and perceptual capabilities which are housed within our DNA - for the most part currently in dormant latent mode. Within this moment each individual has the capability to perceive them self on multiple levels, their consciousness existing as a gyrospectrum lens scope. The Graphic Visual of the Human Surrounded by a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy field is of supreme importance towards understanding this. In addition there exists a whole range of empathic, and intuitive characteristics which are now beginning to come on line.
2. 'Backwards in time certain factions of different species who had a hand in the inception and development of the human species made decisions which were not to the highest benefit of all species involved. In this process the levels of functioning the Human Species is now once again opening up into were de-activated. Basically the pathways which allowed for the encodement and resonance with the levels of functioning contained within the Original Intended Blueprint were severed. Essentially all of the pieces were for the most part left in tact, they were just disconnected.'
3. 'There are processes of unprecedented importance underway upon Planet Earth During These Times that have the potential to completely transform and shapeshift the functioning parameters of humanity. This ultimately can only be achieved through the embodyment by individuals, awakening into the Original Intended Blueprint and the awesome intricately designed being apparatus which humankind is.'
4. 'The capability exists to re-orient your entire world view as well as re-direct the structures of your entire developed level of civilization. There are beings who are integrally related to Earth here at these times to assist you in this process. It is not necessary for you to believe in their presence, to those who it matters, it is just 'Known' {their presence is apparent and will become more apparent as humanity rotates its own internal conceptualizations}'.
5. These processes that are underway, are intertwined on many different levels scenarios within scenarios {linked together like a spherical holographic flower of life pattern}. Each of these scenarios must be addressed, on all levels. The structures of your entire developed level of civilization are being put into question. Your World Leaders and Global Governments must breech their shroud of secrecy. We are willing to begin to open negotiations with humanity on a more personal level through our various Earth Based Representatives.
6. The Future World and Potential Destiny which your Species shall manifest upcoming through these critical times is dependant on the decisions which are made today, by individuals and as a collective; the entire Humanity. There are many changes that must be initiated on levels spanning the whole scope of human affairs upon this planet. Your ignorance and denial of these core truths shall unfold that which is your species greatest fear {destruction of our civilization & our potential extinction}. We stress the importance of a balanced view between these seemingly opposing polarities and the embodyment of a higher level of integration in between the two. The pathway is unfolding from within your own illumined cores.
We are only Guardians, Overseers, and Caretakers; this is our role in the scheme of things. We have a great responsibility to humanity. We oversee the seeding, evolutionary development, and entrance of planetary worlds into the greater structures that exist; additionally education and guidance to the species that reside upon them. Our responsibility pales in comparison to what humanity must undertake, though. It is our intention to assist you in awakening within your consciousness an extended perceptual framework. This framework is now in the process of being anchored into your individualized mental and emotional energy field levels. Processes that have existed within the subroutines at the deepest most inner recessed levels of your functioning parameters, are beginning to come online.
Each and every single cell within your physiological structure contains a highly sophisticated and advanced design. As humanity begins to activate the dormant potential you possess, a whole new set of operating parameters is unfolding. Your species will gain access to your true potential and functioning capabilities that will allow you to utilize a wider spectrum of your inherent divine selves awareness. You shall also gain the power of discernment and the desire to form deeper, clearer conceptual notions. This process is underway today. Your participation in the Spore Releasal of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star & and anchoring of the Planetary Merkaba shows your dedication to this process all of humanity is within. This is the gift you bring to us, in exchange we bring to you what was once taken away.


Anchoring the 12 DnA Strand Soul Star Cosmic Mandala Into the Planetary Grids & Our Individualized Consciousnesses ~ Heart / Soul Matrix~Morphogenetic Field Link-Up:
In its' highest aspect and truest sense the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul-Star Cosmic Mandala visually represents the 'Original Intended Blueprint' and True essence of Humanity's Divinely Created Nature. Humanity's entrance into the 21st Century is the Clarion's Final Signal Call urging a return to the Truth of your Stellar Ancestral heritage. It is time for humanity to awaken the latent and dormant potential you contain. This Mandala in symbolic language, details the first level anchoring, activation and reconnection into the greater architecture of life humanity is intrinsically woven through.
Each incarnate individual and the entire human species as a collective; is an integral participant within the larger structure of sentience and creation - the entire physical universe. This is expressed through your souls embodyment & incarnation into physiology through your beloved Mother Earths planetary life stream. First and foremost The Entire Mandala is Perfectly Symmetrical and Designed to Awaken Pathways that have been disconnected within humanity for close to 13,000 years; the ones that are spoken of above in the premises. The triangulation inherent in the mandalas design is very significant as well.
There are four pyramids, each one standing as a corner stone within the '12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala/Original Intended Blueprints' overall design. Upon Earth there are pyramid structures on almost every single continent {China, North America, South America, Egypt, etc}. These sacred monuments are aligned along a geometric grid network that surrounds the planet. This is the Ancient Crystalline Super~Computer Grid System that now lays in ruins. The Pyramid Structure in itself represents the most Ancient Crystalline Clear Wisdom of Omni~Dimensional Science & Spirituality.
The whole layout and creation of this ancient Super~Computer Grid System utilized some of the most highly advanced and sophisticated science and technology that has ever been stepped down into physical expression upon this planet. Leading edge thinkers including Graham Hancock, Robert Bavaul, John Major Jenkins, Drunvalo Melchizadek, as well as many others are coming to the conclusion that the pyramids once served a purpose much grander than solely as Pharoahs Tombs.
Humanity's current historical timeline is both fragmented and incomplete. Archaeo-Astronomical Calculations & Ground Measurements have proven that the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau are mathematically aligned with the Belt Stars of the O'rion Constellation {Please Reference "Finger Prints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock}. Through cross correlation of the various sources of material that are being presented at this time; I have come to understand and perceive things that may have been overlooked previously {or are only now beginning to be acknowledged as a potentiality}. These ancient monuments are geometrically aligned around the planet in a grid that is layed out in mathematically calculatable correspondance with the stars. To my own mind the visualization I gain is that they once must have utilized as some sort of of cosmic cyclical calendar. Both Jose Arguelles & John Major Jenkins are proponents towards unlocking the intricacies of this mystery. They hold onto understanding of the ancient Mayan Calendar {Reference Jose Arguelles "The Mayan Factor | Path Beyond Technology" & John Major Jenkins "MayaCosmoGenesis: 2012"}.
Every ancient sacred site upon this planet is situated in a location where these energy grid lines cross. These energy lines are usually referred to as 'Leys' or 'telluric currents', and can be sensed bio-electromagnetically by a human being using dowsing rods. Here is something to consider, Humanity is only now being able to calculate and understand these ancient sacred sites and their stellar alignments; isn't this a curiosity to you ? Your leading edge researchers are using methodologies and technologies that are only now being developed as you enter the 21st Century - and yet it still doesn't all quite make sense. As humanity anchors into its collective mind field an "Omni-Dimensional Perceptual Framework", the shroud of mist surrounding all of your planets original core teachings shall be dissolved.
To a certain degree the presentation of this 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala to humanity is significant in relation to the completion of the Aztec Calendar as well {this occurred August 13, 1999}. The indigenous peoples hold onto much of the awareness and knowledge that your late 20th century collective mind field needs to be infused with. This Mandala represents humanities readiness to accept the torchlight of Wisdom handed down by the ancients to us, those who could begin to decipher who we were; once before.
The Pyramids originally had different capstones for different purposes, each one receptive to a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. They were used as transducers and receivers of cosmic energies, potentially even some sort of hyper-dimensional or interstellar communications device. Each face of the pyramid is symbolic of how the wisdom is formed; through Compassion, Knowledge, Harmony, and Understanding. This combination synthesized within ones heart through lower self alignment with higher self & divine will, is what truly allows the 'Original Intended Blueprint' to begin to come on line within you. The capstone represents the correct use of this Wisdom towards infusion of the creative cosmic energies into our beings.
The Golden Capstone was not re-positioned upon the Great Pyramid in Egypt at the beginning of the year 2000. It is up to us to anchor the Original Intended Blueprint & step through the doorway leading into the "Annuit Oceptus ~ Novus Ordo Seclorum/New Order of the Ages'. Overall the pyramids in this 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala symbolically represents the human species return to the original core-source teachings of our immortal soul.
The Interstellar/Interdimensional Transportation Vehicles {IITV's} represent the presence of the Extra-Terrestrials throughout humanity's evolutionary growth processes. They Say: We have been here since the original seed creation and embryonic genesis of life forms upon planet earth. Underneath your religious belief systems, mystery school teachings, and mythological worldviews; our presence is evident. The Galaxies represent the playing field that we, the most highly advanced forms of sentience and life navigate within. We are overseers and caretakers; this is our role.
We are making our presence apparent to you in a methodology designed to bring forward from within your own selves, that which lies hidden. There are rules and regulations that we, as 'Guardians', must observe and uphold. Non-Interference through Direct Intervention is one of them. Before the various extraterrestrial factions that are involved behind the scenes in the different scenarios underway upon this planet shall become apparent; there must be an agreed upon consensus. This involves utilizing the full spectrum of your inherent dormant potential, and making some very serious choices as a collective.
In essence, we are here; and we are very closely scrutinizing your species direction. Your species must come to its senses very quickly. In essence; the alarm is being signaled. This is the final clarion call before the structures of your entire developed level of civilization begin to be put into question. Your entrance into the 21st Century as it shall unfold is just the beginning. It should be clear to you who are reading these words that your continued misuse of Planet Earth's living systems; will ultimately end in your civilizations demise. The time frame for that which must be undertaken is slim by any calculational measurement standards. Indeed, there is a great urgency underlying the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star's arrival in visual form at these times that must be recognized.
There is also a great sense of calm, peacefulness and joy towards what lies beyond the horizon; the dawning of the 21st Century. The choices your species makes at a collective level today & throughout the upcoming few years; will determine the course of your potential future and the created world you shall exist within. We assure you that it is in your highest interest as a developing species to see your Destiny become fully embodied. This will be elaborated upon further as time progresses forward. Your species must return to its' complete and total cogniscience & awareness of your true heritage.
The IITV's & Galaxies represent humanities pre-ordained role and potential within the scheme of creation; this vast cosmological universe. It is your species choice in regards to how you proceed forward with the awareness you shall increasingly hold. The guidelines for a new set of operating principles are unfolding, the self reflection is forming within your awareness more clearly. Our presence is becoming increasingly apparent to your worldviews, can you see yourselves ? These two symbolic aspects within the Mandalas overall design point towards the true purpose your species was created for and whose imagination your species was designed within. The human species ancestral heritage and origins truly are stellar.
In time as your late 20th Century myopic world view further crumbles, the illumined core revealing this grand majesty shall ring crystal clear within your hearts. It is our intention to see the advanced design specifications and bio-electromagnetic circuitry within your physiological functioning levels activated - unlocking your full potential. In this process your consciousness will acquire a gyrospectrum capability, and you will find you have an increased ability to rotate, adjust, and focus the lens of your perceptual scope. We are here to assist you in this process of gestation and birth.
The 12 DNA Strands in this mandala symbolically represent the 'Original Intended Blueprint' of the fully evolved and activated primate based bi-pedal hominid prototype model/soul vehicle. Before creation or manifestation into form can occur a schematic model or blueprint must exist. Within any creational field and on all levels, this is an integral component for any form to be structuralized or held in cohesion.
Within your currently functioning Di-Strand DNA Helix Structure lie dormant access codes that once 'Switched On' will allow humanity to embody and use more of your beings inherent potential. Earlier in this dissertation, we provided an overview of some of the dynamic processes your star undergoes naturally. Your sun is the source of energy that all planetary life is dependant on. An understanding of energy field dynamics is integral when attempting to clearly discern the mechanism of transmutation and change your physiological vehicles are undergoing. In reality this is some of the most sophisticatedly advanced science and creational physics in this universe. Your species now has the opportunity to discern the structures and processes underlying your perception of reality more clearly.
As your star continues to fluctuate in energetic output, this in turn recalibrates the energy fields of your planet. As your planets fields undergo this adjustment, this in turn alters the vibrational amplitude of your own energy field. As this occurs your DNA will be rewoven at a quantum level. This in turn shall cause an evolutionary adaptation-like effect. This process is underway upon your planet today, your science is becoming aware of individuals posessing more activated codons than the rest of the population. There is a mechanism within your DnA, almost like a feedback loop; this mechanism serves a regulatory function within you. When your planet undergoes energy field fluctuations, this mechanism is responsible for activating your dormant functioning parameters. Your late 20th century sciences have created a base platform of understanding upon which to build as you enter the 21st Century.
The 'Original Intended Blueprint' exists at the Quantum Levels within your bio-electromagnetic neuro-physiological structure. This mandala serves as a symbolic visual representation of the processes that are underway within this local galactic quadrant. The 12 DnA Strands in this visual representation are connected in a sacred circuit; this circuit is something very important for Humanity to become aware of. At one end of the circuit the strands form the symbol of a heart. This universal symbol is self fulfilling and represents the joy of unconditional love. The heart is also significant on another level. The re-establishment of Unconditional Love and Reverence for all of Sentience and the Entire Creation is a necessary emotional field vibration for the integration of these perceptual changes.
The other end of the strands form into a star. This star represents the 3-dimensional spatial location where all this change is occurring, your solar system; also your star systems designation - "Solis". The coherence, vibratory frequency, and level of resonance of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are what will allow your species to unlock, access, and activate the dormant coding your DnA Strands contain. {Please Refer to Premise #1 for reference} The tetrahedrons with the little stars inside represent the opening of your Heart Chakras to the life force pulse of the Sun. Also, awakening into your capability to maintain a connection in alignment with source; utilizing Thoth/Hermes 'Tri-une Sceptre'. Yourself being the Sceptre, the tri-une nature being representative on one wavelength of your Mind-Body-Soul Complex.
On another wavelength it is representative of the Universal Life Force, Its Inherent Animating Intelligence; and their grand dance, weaving together this universe from creation point spanning until completion point - through the 'Master Key Template of Divinity/Flower of Life Matrix' Pattern. Humanity must realize that he posesses cognitive & precognitive perceptual capabilities that essentially determine the structural contour of ones mental and emotional energy fields {whether utilized with conscious intention or not}. This in turn forms ones perceptions and understanding of space, time and reality itself. Your current physicists are only now beginning to integrate this into your theoretical frameworks. Beyond your solely linear analytical patterns of thought formation, either left or right brain hemispheric dominance; there exists a holographic model of the Universe {Superstring Theory, Non-Locality, Omni/Multi/Hyper-Dimensional Space, Observers/Consciousness Role, etc}.
Humanity must realize that time is also Non-linear. Non-Linear means that everything in the entire universe is occurring at once, there are cycles within cycles within cycles; ad infintum. It is only within human consciousness and through your physiological functioning parameters that measuring sequential increments are necessary. You would be wise to pay respects to the accomplishments of your Ancestors, for they had solved many of the equations that you are just now beginning to even formulate.
You are realizing more fully the vast storehouse of potential you contain. Affirm within yourself an allegiance to the highest will decreed by your soul, open yourself up into Infinite Potential; can you feel the life force current recharging the circuitry housed within your advanced design ? Focus on Your Heart !!!! Can you feel the love and reverence for all of sentience and creation that is the inclination when attuned to this pulse ? ! ? ! Embrace your total self on all levels, your entire life experience up until this point; and give thanks of gratitude to your families, your friends, your lovers, towards all those who you have ever touched or who have ever touched you, and your own selves as well.
Humanity deserves another opportunity to fully embody the potential he is designed to house. Your species can receive this gift by locking the vibrational amplitude of unconditional love and reverence for all of sentience and creation into your energy field. Love is in reality a superluminal force. The doorway stands unlocked and opened. You as a RainBow Warrior, Diamond Light Emissary, Ambassadorial Liason, Earth Incarnate Representative, and Indigo or Crystal Child must embrace the highest vision you can conceive of. In turn you shall maneuver yourselves in a direction that will unfold that which your hearts illumined core desires ! ! A new way of life and a new perceptual model for the 21st Century, Ultimately an entirely 'Neo-Civilization' {Neo of course meaning 'new'}. In actuality it is 'Ancient~Futuristic'.
The 'Yin/Yang' symbols represent the grand cosmic dance of interplay in between opposing polarities, and the cogniscient awareness that both light and darkness are two aspects of a unified force that in reality exists beyond division. They also symbolize the need for balance of masculine and feminine energies within oneself. As this embodyment is achieved and anchored into ones heart, a field of consciousness that is highly charged and self-aware at the highest levels of integration is formed. Humanity truly does possess the capability to achieve peaceful relations through inward balance expressed outwards towards each others self; in between all Races and Every Nation.
The Symbolism contained within this Mandala's overall design contains elements that underly every single religious belief system and mythological frameworks of Genesis & Evolution and who the 'Creator Level Beings' are. The 'Extra-Terrestrials' have been overseeing the evolutionary development of Humanity since time immorial. Backwards in time before the flood the civilization that existed was more highly sophisticated in development. We are saying this to you as reality, and matter of fact. The teachings were stored in various locations.
The 'Yin/Yang' symbol has been a part of Chinese Taosist Philosophy Since the very ancient past, the Solar Emperors.. We encourage you to continue forward with what shall in time unfold into an entirely new perceptual framework than humanity has been adjusted to throughout recorded history. The Ancient-Future Earth Star Wisdom of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality. There is also an inter-relationship in between the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching, the Sacred Tzolkin of the Mayans, and our Genetic Code {Refer 'Tao of Chaos' by Katya Walter, Terrence Mckenna & His 'Time Wave Model', Krsanna Duran also}. The year 2,012 will have great significance to all life upon this entire planet. As the time lock release mechanism that serves as a Quantum Interface Device within your DnA Rotates, the 'Crystalline Sheath' and your Superluminal Bio-Electromagnetic Circuitry will begin to come online.
These are the teachings that have been held 'Secret' by the Ancient Mystery School Orders of Metatron, Enoch, Melchizadek, Osiris, Isis, Hathor, Thoth, Ra, and Every Human Lineage Descended through the God-King Father Ptah's; those who hold onto the true memories of we who came down from the stars. The Law of One is being re-instituted upon the Planet, this is the Monotheistic Solar Deity Religion that Pharoah Akhenaten Incarnated to Establish; millenia ago. Can you see the parrallels in between dimensions, the overlap and flow from the ancient past and distant future into Now ?
You as humans exist at the edge of a chasm, across the chasm there is a tunnel and the potential of opening up into a much more spacious World. It is time for your Species to build a bridge spanning the distance in between the world humanity exists within at the close of the 20th Century, and the world humanity desires to exist within at the completion of this greater orbital cycle of time. Only through dissolving the shroud of mist that surrounds your Illumined Cores will your species be able to overcome the surmounting obstacles you will increasingly face.
These are the times when there are very significant decisions that must be made by your Species as a Collective. You posess free will and the power of choice. This Mandala is designed to assist you in the empowerment of your Higest Divine Selves full Potential. You must embody these characteristics as individuals. The 'Yin/Yang' represents the Integration of Opposing Polarities in a Cosmic Dance Balance; The Sacred Circuit is Complete. The tapestry of Creation, its design has become apparent to you.
The fuzzy line around the Central Core of the Mandala represents the semi-permeable membrane of your consciousnesses sheath. Human perception could be equated with a bubble or spherical holograpic field. This sheath serves almost the same function as surface tension in pool or glass of water. It separates ones linear analytical patterns of thought formation from their more cohesive extended Perceptual Capabilities. It's semi-permeable nature represents the awareness that all constructs or frameworks are flexible. They can be redesigned. This is what is occurring on this 3-dimensional planet at the completion of this grand cycle of life and time. With a basic understanding of 'Energy Field' dynamics and 'Sacred Geometry', the doorway into ones soul can be navigated through.
In this linguistic description, we have started at the cosmic level and worked out way downwards, almost like descending down a Stairway. At the top of the Stairway is standing the highest personified version of your fully Christed Self. At the bottom of the Stairway exists yourself as you are within this 'Now Moment'. Within this 'Now Moment' the potential exists to merge with the highest aspect of your own self. Only through your hearts alignment with your higher mind shall this be accomplished. Affirm your allegiance to the highest pathway towards self expression of your inherent divine self upon this planet. Turn your consciousness inwards, ask to your Higher Self to Assist you in anchoring the 'Original Intended Blueprint'. Feel the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star being imprinted and etched into your energy fields.
Ask for assistance from your 'Higher Self', that you would like to begin to utilize the 'Quantum Interface Device'. It serves as a time-lock release Mechanism inside your DnA and is responsive to energetic fluctuations. These are the levels where your '8 Original Cells' and 'Seed Atom' exist {Check out Mantak Chia's Work - 'The Tao of Healing'}. Your breathing is also very important towards the functioning of your higher dimensional extended cognitive and perceptual capabilities; as are your dietary habits. Please be sure to ingest as much purified ionized water as possible.
The mushrooms represent the human species ancient relationship with your hyperdimensional friends in the plant kingdom, also the mycelial network that surrounds the planet; mushrooms being the fruiting bodies of the mycelium. James Lovelock's 'Gaia Hypothesis' has become an integral component to the worldview your species is slowly opening up into from within your own selves. Your Planetary Homeworld, Mother Earth is a life form itself. There is a symbiotic inter-relationship in between all life-forms. The Mycelial Network exists as an integral component within the functioning of every bio-spheric region.
Throughout humanities journey upon this planet, your cultures have been influenced by many different forms of non-human intelligence. Your species must return the structures of your entire developed level of civilization back into alignment within the functioning parameters of your Planets Living Systems. This is a necessary step towards sustainability as your species enter the 21st Century. The mushrooms have been regarded as Sacraments by many of the Ancient Civilizations, especially the Goddess Based Earth Partnership Societies that existed at the beginning of Humanities re-acculturalization; after the worldwide occurrence of catastrophic flood {approximately 13,000 Years ago}.
The living systems of your planet provide humanity with all of the necessary components to create a model of civilization that is in alignment with the highest ideals of our minds potential. Humanity must very quickly learn some important lessons about Planetary life within these vast cosmos. There are many planets within this Milky Way Galaxy that support sentient life forms. There are also many fledgling Solar-Planetary Civilizations that have destroyed themselves in this Birthing Process. Your Species stands at the 'Critical Threshold Point' in the evolutionary development process upon this world. The Choices you as inhabitants make as you enter the 21st Century will shape and mold the world your descendants shall inherit. It is the desire of the 'Extra-Terrestrials' that you choose to create a worldview and civilization that your children will be proud to inherit.
The eyes represent the all knowing all seeing of your ancestral heritage and the worldview your descendants are looking backwards in time through, at YoU!. Can you feel their gaze ? Your species is being communicated with in a fashion that is both sublime and refined. The division or separation that has existed within humanity's heart and mind is being re-connected once again. Can you feel the joy of celebration, a harmonic octave of resonance with your own heart beat pulse? This attunement serves to anchor the 1st level of embodyment towards who you each have the potential to become. We are so very grateful for our opportunity to speak to your hearts. The eyes also represent the opening of your Ajna or 3rd Eye Centers.
For it is upon your inner-visual fields with eyes closed that the 'Sacred Teachings' of your immortal soul shall be projected. These teachings speak of truths beyond anything your species has currently imagined or felt yourselves to be a part of. Something grand indeed is underway upon this Blue Jeweled Orb. The phoenix is rising. The circuitry is being revealed. Your physiological vehicles are undergoing a process of transmutation and vibrational amplitude adjustment that shall allow for the capability to more fully house who you truly are. It is our hope that each individual shall chose to express the highest potential that exists within them, inherently. We are watching the decision that you made as individuals and as a collective, the entirety of your human species.
It is the sincerest heartfelt desire of the 'Extra-Terrestrials' that your species make the correct decisions, also embody your entire inherent potential. We are grateful to be able to aid you in returning what was once taken away. It is very urgent and crucial that the correct decisions are made. The progress and developmental levels your species reach has an overall effect on the unfolding of affairs within this local Galactic Quadrant. We would like to see you become responsible participants within the greater structure that exists.
The Star of David is a two dimensional representation of a three-dimensional dual inverted tetrahedral structure defined as being a 'Merkaba Vehicle'. The Merkaba is differentiated from a more mechanistic form of transportation like the 'IITV's" because it allows for an individual or group to travel in non-physical form. This is achieved through gaining access to activation levels that have been outlined herein. The Merkaba allows us to travel beyond linear time and through vast regions of space. We have gathered our multi-incarnational soul memories and off-planet aspects. We are focused on integrating the 'Christed Diamond Light Body' through anchoring the 'Original Intended Blueprint' - Our 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star. We ask to be overshadowed by the Solar and Galactic Councils that serve the purpose of overseeing the evolutionary developmental progress of incarnate individuals and humanity as a whole.
As the self-realized consciousnesses of 'Our' vessels, through 'Our' exercise of free will; 'We' choose within 'OuR' Whole Hearts to be of as much service to the 'Divine Plan' for Earth as exists is potential. We are here as Ambassadorial Liasons, Earth Incarnate Representatives and Indigo & Crystal Children. We love our Mother Earth, this Beloved Planetary Homeworld. We will not allow the control structures to manipulate our hearts, minds, and souls any longer. Through our Hearts we shall shine the Golden Cosmic Light of our Masters Presence. The Rainbow Warriors of the entire electromagnetic spectrum; into the Opalescent Luminal Realms. We have arrived and decree to see our Destiny become completed. The Structures for an entirely new developed level of civilization will be instituted.
The Six-Pointed star represents our selves in non-physical form. This is our 'Aka' energy body. The purpose of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandalas arrival at these times is to awaken within Humanity the true potential capability your physiological vehicle houses. You are so beautiful in your fully manifest glory. Your species has so much potential to fulfill many of the roles that Overseer's and Caretakers Embody; within these vast cosmos. Your species is growing out of it's infancy once again. Your developed level of civilization exists at the brink of either catastrophic destruction or complete and total rebirth.
The choice is yours as individuals, ultimately as components within a whole {This is the Second Coming of Christ - Planetary Wide - From Within Ourselves !!!}. How will you choose to align yourselves ? It is extremely important that you listen to the inner most recessed regions of yourselves. This is what was once removed from the functioning parameters of your humanity. It is our honor to introduce your species to the reality of our Existence, the 'Extra-Terrestrials'. This Sacred Teaching is our gift to you, Friends. The Diamond Light Body is the form all souls incarnated inside 3-dimensional human physiological transport vehicles embody beyond this life on planet earth.
With this level self integration achieved and the Infinite Potential of Unlimited boundarylessness and TRUTH, 'We' hereby strengthen 'OuR' intentions. We choose to embody our full potential within this Now Moment. The Circuit has been Complete. The Veil has dissolved, and the shroud of mystery has been clarified. Light speed is too slow for 'OuR' propulsion needs, crank up the juice as high as we all can handle oversouls; take us to GOD~SPEED & beyond !
DECREE OUTLOUD: "I exist as a shapeshifter, My SuperLuminal Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field is in Alignment On All Levels within the 'Original Intended Blueprint' -12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star. I breath in synchronous rhythm with the Heart Beat Pulse of the Universal Life force and its inherent animating intelligence. The rotational antennae of my internal visual fields gyrospectrum lens scope will be completely unfolded. I give thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sun, and Recognize My Stellar Ancestral Heritage as a Humane Creation. I choose within myself to work towards the Full Embodyment of my total Inherent Divine Potential.
I ask to receive a Dispensation from the Highest Levels of Creation and Being. Oversoul, Please Activate As Many Dormant Functioning Parameters within me that I have the capability to House within this 'Now Moment'. Lock this Activation into place within me as a feedback loop. As each now moment unfolds, I will achieve more harmonic and refined thought forming patterns. It is my intention to be of as much service to the Divine Plan for Earth as is Possible within the defined boundaries of my current level of embodyment. I seek to utilize the entirety of the full potential I am designed to house, and anchor it into my heart ! "
The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala represents 'Our' faith in the human species. It is our gift to you at these times, we must also stress the importance of Clarity and Discernment as the illusory veils completely dissolve. It is our sincerest desire, and the objective of our decision to become involved in your growth process at this juncture in time; to insure your birthing process unfolds smoothly and in a timely fashion. Your species still has many significant and world shifting obstacles to overcome within the approaching very near future. You shall overcome the karmic imbalance within your ancestral selves, make the correct decisions, and fully embody the Supreme Being whose image is being created within 'You'. Also whose imagination you were created within. As this occurrence is experienced new worlds will be created. The Times you are within are both urgent and crucial that the utmost scrutiny as well as the clear light of Discernment be Utilized. There are many wolves in sheeps clothing, anyone to point the finger at another is just as guilty; though.
We insure you that the overall extraterrestrial presence upon this planet, although only faintly apparent; is for the most part serving a very benevolent and uplifting purpose. This is not a test. This is no joke. This is for real. This is the chance your species has been waiting for, the dimensional-vortex only opens up cyclically; either the entire humanity steps through the Star-Gateway and interfaces or none of us do ! Thankyou So Much For Your Participation, many Blessings to Each and Every Single One of You. This is just the beginning of what shall become an extremely exciting process for all of Humanity. We look forward to being able to assist you in this process as time progresses forward. We are willing to open negotiations through our various Earth Based Representatives, your World Governments can not deny or ignore the truth any longer.
Your species is in dire need of coming to its senses very quickly. The restructuralization of your entire developed level of civilization is an integral component to your species continued survival. The Direction Your Species Must Head Has Been Revealed !! {EnD TranZMissioN}


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